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Jari's collection of interesting papers. Contribute to jarikoi/interesting-papers development by creating an account on GitHub.
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7 days ago by lenciel
" Documentation cannot--and so need
not--say everything. Its purpose is
to help the next programmer build an
accurate theory about the system."
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29 days ago by hthief
AI’s social sciences deficit | Nature Machine Intelligence
To create less harmful technologies and ignite positive social change, AI engineers need to enlist ideas and expertise from a broad range of social science disciplines, including those embracing qualitative methods, say Mona Sloane and Emanuel Moss.
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4 weeks ago by JFIResearch
GitHub - kdn251/interviews: Everything you need to know to get the job.
Everything you need to know to get the job. Contribute to kdn251/interviews development by creating an account on GitHub.
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8 weeks ago by hersh.verthun
Python consumes a lot of memory or how to reduce the size of objects?
A memory problem may arise when a large number of objects are active in RAM during the execution of a program, especially if there are restrictions on the total amount of available memory.
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8 weeks ago by catichenor
The End of Moore’s Law. And The Coming Computing Renaissance. « A.Capital Ventures
> There is no more “one-size fits all.” Gone are the days where general-purpose microprocessors ran all application workloads. Going forward we will need to depend on a diversity of computing hardware to accomplish a range of tasks (general deep learning, video processing, image/speech recognition and many others) in a range of locations (cloud, edge, mobile). The era of domain-specific hardware is upon us. The iPhone is a good early example of this trend, besides a 6 core CPU and a 3 core GPU it has dedicated co-processors for motion sensing, image processing and neural network computations.
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9 weeks ago by porejide

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