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IDEA – nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions
IDEA is a series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions, created by Sándor P. Fekete, Sebastian Morr, and Sebastian Stiller.
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10 hours ago by dlindber
pervognsen/bitwise: Bitwise is an educational project where we create the software/hardware stack for a computer from scratch.
After working as a game developer and systems programmer for over 15 years at places like Epic Games, NVIDIA, RAD Game Tools and most recently Oculus, I decided it was time to take a break from professional programming and spend a few years pursuing a long-time dream of mine, a project I've dubbed Bitwise, where I want to share my passion and try to demonstrate by example how to build systems from scratch, with a low-level computing focus.
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yesterday by VoxPelli
The best laptop ever made –
I recently returned to the 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro after a year away.

Apple still sells this model, brand new, just limited to the integrated-only GPU option (which I prefer as a non-gamer for its battery, heat, and longevity advantages), but I got mine lightly used for over $1000 less.

I thought it would feel like a downgrade, or like going back in time. I feared that it would feel thick, heavy, and cumbersome. I expected it to just look impossibly old.

It didn’t.

It feels as delightful as when I first got one in 2012. It’s fast, capable, and reliable. It gracefully does what I need it to do. It’s barely heavier or thicker, and I got to remove so many accessories from my travel bag that I think I’m actually coming out ahead.

It feels like a professional tool, made by people who love and need computers, at the top of their game.

It’s designed for us, rather than asking us to adapt ourselves to it.

It helps us perform our work, rather than adding to our workload.

This is the peak. This is the best laptop that has ever existed.

I hope it’s not the best laptop that will ever exist.

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yesterday by W6AZ
RT : First up is a really good video series by that introduces you to
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2 days ago by whykay
Windows Modules Installer Worker
Na tuto otázku je jednoduchá odpověď - je to také tím. Problém je malinko širší: MS zavedli od Win7 "Windows Modules Installer" (v českých lokalizacích "Instalační služba modulů systému Windows") - krátký název naštěstí "nelokalizován" TrustedInstaller a tím spustili peklo.

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3 days ago by ondrejr
IDEA – nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions
IDEA is a series of nonverbal algorithm assembly instructions, created by Sándor P. Fekete, Sebastian Morr, and Sebastian Stiller.
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3 days ago by garrettc

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