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We Live Half Our Lives Online — So Why Don't More Movies Show It?
John Cho's new movie Searching might be the first one you see that takes place entirely on a computer screen. But it probably won't be the last.
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9 hours ago by NightOwlCity
Computer Networking : Principles, Protocols and Practice
Looks interesting. Will I have time? Getting long in the tooth.
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10 hours ago by brentfarwick
NandGame - Build a computer from scratch.
The Nand Game will take you though building a working computer, starting from the most basic components. It does not require any prerequites, in particular it does not require any previous knowledge about computer architecture or software, and does not reqire math skills beyound addition and subtraction. It does require some patience - some of the tasks may take a while to solve.
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yesterday by arsyed
Unum & Posit
Unum is a number format that is similar to IEEE 754 format (floating point numbers) that is publicly proposed by John L. Gustafson in 2013. By August 2013, he had a working unum environment to explain and justify his number system. The book "The End of Error" authored by John in 2015 elaborates his comprehensive proposal to have unums replace floating point numbers for improvement in performance and accuracy. Unum has since evolved. The original Type I provides a compact way to express interval arithmetic. Type II enables a clean mathematic design based on projective reals. The latest version, Posits and Valids, has all the advantages of the original Type I and Type II and is additionally hardware-friendly, making it a favourite among many.
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2 days ago by cstanhope

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