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not living in a computer simulation
The sci-fi trope might now be put to rest after scientists find the suggestion that reality is computer generated is in principle impossible, writes Andrew Masterson.
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22 hours ago by Superfine
(6) bigkif - YouTube - YouTube
nice collection of vintage computer demos
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yesterday by fang
Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files
In case something's acting up, instructions for running sfc /scannow
yesterday by kuiskata
MNT Reform: DIY Portable Computer
For a long time, I wanted a portable personal computer which you can…
Repair by yourself with parts from the hardware store or 3D printing
Thoroughly understand on any level
Take apart, modify and upgrade without regret
Adapt to your tastes and use cases, staying with you for many years
In Summer/Autumn 2017 I teamed up with industrial designer Ana Dantas to make this machine happen. Three months later, I can type this article on the first prototype of Reform, our DIY portable computer.
diy  computer  linux  electronics  hacking 
2 days ago by ssorc
IoT Cybersecurity: What's Plan B? - Schneier on Security
"The Internet is dangerous -- and the IoT gives it not just eyes and ears, but also hands and feet. Security vulnerabilities, exploits, and attacks that once affected only bits and bytes now affect flesh and blood.

Markets, as we've repeatedly learned over the past century, are terrible mechanisms for improving the safety of products and services. It was true for automobile, food, restaurant, airplane, fire, and financial-instrument safety. The reasons are complicated, but basically, sellers don't compete on safety features because buyers can't efficiently differentiate products based on safety considerations. The race-to-the-bottom mechanism that markets use to minimize prices also minimizes quality. Without government intervention, the IoT remains dangerously insecure."
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2 days ago by ssam

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