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Nature Architects Inc. – Nature Architects inc. makes elasticity and deformation to be computable.
Trying to work on advanced bulk materials designs, using interesting internal structures to provide materials they call CAM's which can do neat things, like weird springs and making curved truss structures from flatpack materials .
mechanical  computational  metamaterial  origami  furniture  japan  3D  printing  fabbing  CAD  materials  science  simulation  compliant  structure  curved  surface 
2 days ago by asteroza
A map of the inorganic ternary metal nitrides | Nature Materials
Computational chemistry to pinpoint materials that should be checked/tested for first.
computational  chemistry  materials  science  discovery  mapping  research  technology  metal  nitride  inorganic 
24 days ago by asteroza
(12) Justas Birgiolas
> After having been trained in computer engineering, psychology, and business administration, and have worked as a software developer for over half-decade, I decided to pursue a PhD in computational neuroscience. Advised by Dr. Sharon Crook at ASU, I'm interested in building biophysically detailed large-scale models of the nervous system to understand how behavior arises from neuronal spiking activity. My long term goal is to understand what is necessary to build a brain emulation machine.
WBE  brain_emulation  computational  compneuro 
4 weeks ago by porejide
Real Numbers and Robustness in Computational Geometry
Robustness issues due to imprecise arithmetic used in place of exact real number
computation are a notorious problem in the implementation of geometric algorithms.

We briefly address some robustness issues and discuss approaches to resolve them.
computational  geometry  numerical  algorithms  floating  point  error 
6 weeks ago by cycloid

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