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Remembering Seymour Papert
In his explorations of the ways objects carry identity as well as ideas, you can see Seymour’s desire to take the cool studies of learning that were his Piagetian heritage and infuse them not only with ideas about making things, about action and construction, but also with ideas about feeling things, about love and connection.
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12 days ago by basus
"Things are meant to be for a reason" | MetaFilter
Yup. Powerball machines do not dole out a predefined winning numbers for one random ticket. They generate random numbers for each ticket.

More, with most computers, random numbers are not actually random. They are generated from a number of factors, called seeds, including time - to the second, not the minute. If she hadn't let the little old lady go ahead, she still would not have received the winning number unless the machine had printed the ticket at the exact same instant, which is laughably unlikely.

So, her generosity allowed something magical for someone else, and it did not rob her in the least. Win/Win.
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29 days ago by jomc

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