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[1801.03534] Mechanical Computing Systems Using Only Links and Rotary Joints
A new paradigm for mechanical computing is demonstrated that requires only two basic parts, links and rotary joints. These basic parts are combined into two main higher level structures, locks and balances, and suffice to create all necessary combinatorial and sequential logic required for a Turing-complete computational system. While working systems have yet to be implemented using this new paradigm, the mechanical simplicity of the systems described may lend themselves better to, e.g., microfabrication, than previous mechanical computing designs. Additionally, simulations indicate that if molecular-scale implementations could be realized, they would be far more energy-efficient than conventional electronic computers.
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Vintage Calculators Web Museum
A revolution in calculating machines took place between the early 1960s and the late 1970s.  It was during this vintage period that the electronics for calculators was at the cutting edge of electronics research.  Calculators evolved from large, expensive, mechanical machines to cheap, electronic, credit card sized devices.  The development of micro-electronics for calculators was an important phase in the history of technology, which included the development of the microprocessor.

This fascinating story is illustrated here.
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