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To Mock a Mockingbird - Wikipedia
To Mock a Mockingbird and Other Logic Puzzles: Including an Amazing Adventure in Combinatory Logic
Raymond  Smullyan  books  mathematics  computation 
2 days ago by gdw
Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive and Computational Perspectives
This series addresses the situated nature of learning, remembering and understanding. It may appear obvious that human minds develop in social situations, and that they use the tools and representational media that culture provides to support, extend, and reorganize mental functioning. However, cognitive theories of knowledge representation and educational practice, in school and in the workplace, have not been sufficiently responsive to questions about these relationships. This series seeks to examine both these relationships, and the current and future nature of learning.
learning  computation 
9 days ago by rybesh
Stitching Worlds connects the shared artistic research territory between arts, design, open culture, digital fabrication, information technology and electronics to the engineering and scientific methodologies of textile technology.

The project investigates textile technology as a controversial means for digital fabrication, particularly of the electronic object, based on two premises explored in former artistic research. Patterns in knitting, weaving and embroidery are essentially equivalent to digital codes in rapid manufacturing. Since patterns can be saved, copied, and distributed, textiles can be manifested in their physical form at different times and places, over and over again. Moreover, with the advent of electronically conductive fibres, it might be possible to adapt the use of textile machinery to translate patterns into electronic functions. Altered processes and materials can be used to produce electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, and eventually complete electronic appliances.
textiles  weaving  fabric  computation  digital_fabrication  code 
22 days ago by shannon_mattern
interactive visuals, made from cable salad
webgl  computation  design  3d  animation  interactive  browser  app  dataflow 
5 weeks ago by orlin
LeetCode Questions · chubbysingh/coding Wiki
由 "Top Interview Question" 那欄可以知道要從哪些題目先下手
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6 weeks ago by jslu
Probabilistic switching circuits in DNA | PNAS
"A natural feature of molecular systems is their inherent stochastic behavior. A fundamental challenge related to the programming of molecular information processing systems is to develop a circuit architecture that controls the stochastic states of individual molecular events. Here we present a systematic implementation of probabilistic switching circuits, using DNA strand displacement reactions. Exploiting the intrinsic stochasticity of molecular interactions, we developed a simple, unbiased DNA switch: An input signal strand binds to the switch and releases an output signal strand with probability one-half. Using this unbiased switch as a molecular building block, we designed DNA circuits that convert an input signal to an output signal with any desired probability. Further, this probability can be switched between 2n different values by simply varying the presence or absence of n distinct DNA molecules. We demonstrated several DNA circuits that have multiple layers and feedback, including a circuit that converts an input strand to an output strand with eight different probabilities, controlled by the combination of three DNA molecules. These circuits combine the advantages of digital and analog computation: They allow a small number of distinct input molecules to control a diverse signal range of output molecules, while keeping the inputs robust to noise and the outputs at precise values. Moreover, arbitrarily complex circuit behaviors can be implemented with just a single type of molecular building block."
to:NB  computation  biochemical_networks  biological_computers  molecular_biology 
6 weeks ago by cshalizi

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