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NP-hard does not mean hard – Math ∩ Programming
P.S. The class of problems solvable in a finite amount of memory is just the class of regular languages. The “finite memory” is the finite state machine used to solve them.
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7 days ago by stungeye
Wolfram Notebooks: Environment for Technical Workflows
Powerful interactive document that supports live computation, dynamic interfaces, full typeset input, image input, automatic code annotation, high-level programmatic interface, thousands of functions and options.
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4 weeks ago by orlin
Blockly  |  Google Developers
A JavaScript library for building visual programming editors.
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5 weeks ago by backspaces
Scratch - Developers
Scratch for Developers
On this page, you’ll find information about open source projects created and maintained by the Scratch Team at MIT, as well as our thoughts on best practices for designing learning experiences for children.
Google Blockly
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5 weeks ago by backspaces
Let’s pretend this never happened – Rococo Modem Basilisk – Medium
"The Macintosh looms large because it was so influential, but everything good about GUIs came through the Macintosh from the Alto, while almost everything bad about GUIs comes from mistakes that were made by the Macintosh team and later spun by marketing materials as intentional. [...] The most useful thing we can do, when trying to imagine a desirable future for computing, is to try to forget the entire Macintosh legacy and send our minds back to 1976."
computation  computers  history  ux  ui 
5 weeks ago by aparrish
Computational Trinitarianism
"The central dogma of computational trinitarianism holds that Logic, Languages, and Categories are but three manifestations of one divine notion of computation. There is no preferred route to enlightenment: each aspect provides insights that comprise the experience of computation in our lives.

Computational trinitarianism entails that any concept arising in one aspect should have meaning from the perspective of the other two. If you arrive at an insight that has importance for logic, languages, and categories, then you may feel sure that you have elucidated an essential concept of computation–you have made an enduring scientific discovery." (Harper)
ncatlab  computation  logic  category-theory 
5 weeks ago by abstresma

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