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CMSC430: Introduction to Compilers
The goal of CMSC 430 is to arm students with the ability to design, implement, and extend a programming language. Throughout the course, students will design and implement a substantial functional-language compiler of their own, over the course of several projects, and will explore various compiler-related topics such as intermediate representations, desugaring, continuation-passing style, closure conversion, formal semantics, garbage collection, type checking, and flow analysis.
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yesterday by darren_n
Crypto 101
Crypto 101 is an introductory course on cryptography, freely available for programmers of all ages and skill levels.
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2 days ago by vicchow
Spinner: Semi-Automatic Detection of Pinning without Hostname Verification
We present Spinner, a new
tool for black-box testing for this vulnerability at scale that does
not require purchasing any certificates. By redirecting traffic to
websites which use the relevant certificates and then analysing the
(encrypted) network traffic we are able to determine whether the
hostname check is correctly done, even in the presence of certificate
pinning. We use Spinner to analyse 400 security-sensitive Android
and iPhone apps. We found that 9 apps had this flaw, including
two of the largest banks in the world: Bank of America and HSBC.
We also found that TunnelBear, one of the most popular VPN apps
was also vulnerable. These apps have a joint user base of tens of
millions of users.
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5 days ago by bwiese

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