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Korvpressor - Smart Compressor
If you work with audio, you will eventually need a good compressor in your toolbox. Korvpressor is an adaptive compressor / limiter, designed for all purposes in audio treatment. It has a super-simple UI with a unique approach on how to tame and visualize a compressor, now also with some added controls to make it even more versatile. The basic controls are still minimalistic – set the input gain, level of compression, and the output gain. The compression algorithm was designed with transparency in mind, and Korvpressor will sound great on almost any kind of sound; all from a vocal track to a full blown mix. If you push it even harder, it gives a nice squeezing effect.
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19 days ago by jmello
Home ~ Celeroton AG - Ultra-high-speed electrical drive systems
Very high speed microturbines, with gas bearings. Also do microcompressors (centrifugal).
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april 2019 by asteroza

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