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Terark/terarkdb: TerarkDB is a high performance database with the best compression
interesting database using context aware compression with point accessible zip formatting to boost random reads, normally runs as a RocksDB compatible submodule/engine
china  dabatase  software  RocksDB  engine  compressed  data  compression  point  accessible  ZIP 
yesterday by asteroza
Software Updates: Courgette
Chrome updates now use Courgette rather than bsdiff
softwareUpdates  compression 
2 days ago by MaxBarraclough
Eric's Archived Thoughts: Better PDF File Size Reduction in OS X
I Googled around a bit and found “Quality reduced file size in Mac OS X Preview” from early 2006. There I discovered that anyone can create their own Quartz filters, which was the key I needed. Thus armed with knowledge, I set about creating a filter that struck, in my estimation, a reasonable balance between image quality and file size reduction. And I think I’ve found it. That 175MB PDF gets taken down to 34MB with what I created.
PDF  file  size  reduction  compression  minimise  eric  meyer 
4 days ago by fjordaan

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