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Super Collider
SuperCollider is a platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound. It is free and open source software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
tools  sound  audio  composition 
14 hours ago by dualhammers
Category Theory for Programmers: The Preface |   Bartosz Milewski's Programming Cafe
There is a pdf version of this book with nicer typesetting available for download. You may also watch me teaching this material to a live audience.
category  composition  concept  function  functional  functional-programming  math  programming  theory 
20 days ago by pitiphong_p
Peter B: Just B: Interview on Solar Sound
"The joke, for me, is about taking ones-self seriously. When I think of my skills at emulating a bird or a Tibetan monk with a transistor circuit, I do chortle to myself, but I'd rather poke around at the strange sounds that result than try to plan a piece from the beginning according to my own expectations. I want to see more people playing with the power supply, making jokes or whimsies with it, rather than composers or artists trying to own it with a definitive “piece.”"

"Trying to own it"... that's a insightful view into how i perceive the "composer" in modern classical music.
entertainment  music  philosophy  composition  ideas  performance 
22 days ago by ssam
To Get More Video Game Composing Jobs, Do This | Conference on Composing Video Game Music and Sound Design
If you’re looking at making a career composing music for video games, you are probably thinking about scoring the next Destiny, God of War or BioShock. And tho
composition  game-music  media-music 
28 days ago by davemacdo
“Automation Divine”: Early Computer Music and the Selling of the Cold War | NewMusicBox
Matthew Guerrieri:
The Mark IV, which had produced all those hymn tunes, had been funded by the U. S. Air Force; it worked out guided-missile flight patterns and helped design lenses for the U-2 spy plane.[13] The Harvard computers, it turned out, ran more reliably if they were never turned off; Aiken duly assigned Peter Neumann, a music-loving graduate student, to watch over the Mark IV from Friday night until Monday morning. Student projects—hymn-tune-generation included—happened on the weekends.[14] Computational composition in the United States got its start, quite literally, in the off-hour downtime of the military-industrial complex.
music  history  composition  computing 
28 days ago by madamim
Opusmodus - The Composing Continuum
Opusmodus is a comprehensive computer-aided environment for the whole work of music composition
a virtual space where a composer can develop ideas and experiments for projects large and small.
Music  composition  software  lisp 
5 weeks ago by mwishek
Photography Composition: The Definitive Guide - Beautiful Pictures
"This article summarises all my knowledge and experience [with photography composition]."
photography  composition  tips  reference  guide 
5 weeks ago by sometimesfood
Exploring Oh Composable World! | Philip La
I’ll be exploring the crazy fun dot-chained react app that Brian covered in his talk called Oh, Composable World at React conf. I’ll be exploring the composable react application by first breaking it down with diagrams, then with referential transparency, and finally with types.
javascript  functional  composition 
6 weeks ago by vegarev

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