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The Fear Cycle - Wide Awake Developers
Add a few of these events into the company lore and you'll find that developers and project managers become loath to touch anything outside their narrow scope. They seek local safety.

The trouble with local safety is that it requires kludges. The code base will inevitably deteriorate as pressure for larger changes and broader refactoring builds without release.
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8 hours ago by rtlechow
The True Cost of Rewrites | 8th Light
Cost you mostly forget.
cost for not known features in the legacy code
Cost for new features so the customers switch
Cost to rebuild the added features the old team build during you catch up
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14 hours ago by rauschen
Is Tech Too Easy to Use? (The New York Times)
Kevin Roose размышляет о возможном чрезмерном упрощении современных интерфейсов, которое ведёт к излишнему залипанию в соц.сетях и других развлекательных сервисах.
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yesterday by jvetrau
The True Cost of Rewrites | 8th Light
Your code is complex and working with it is difficult. Years of development and bug fixes have you ready to declare bankruptcy on your technical debt and start again from scratch. It feels so freeing to leave all your past mistakes behind and start over in a new technology and do everything right this time. Before taking that plunge, let’s take a careful look at what the actual costs of beginning again really are.
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yesterday by euler
Complexity Explorables | Explorables
The site is designed for people interested in complex systems and complex dynamical processes.

The Explorables are carefully chosen in such a way that the key elements of their behavior can be explored and explained without too much math (there are a few exceptions) and with as few words as possible.

The Site now also features Flongs, short for “foot longs”. These are tutorials on specific and paradigmatic complex systems that go a bit deeper, feature more interactive elements but require a bit more math.
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3 days ago by moebio
The Complexity Trap: Think Before You Leap - Daniel Westheide
imagine the unthinkable for a minute: What if we did server-side rendering of HTML instead? There wouldn’t be any need to design an evolvable JSON API, which, unlike simply exposing your domain model, is not trivial, and there would definitely be no need for defining any JSON codecs. And that’s just what you get on the server side. On the frontend side, you would have one piece of software less to maintain, you’d get faster load times and you could get rid of duplicated business logic. To sum it up, you could reduce the complexity of your frontend JavaScript code a lot.

In the words of Jorge Manrubia, who wrote a great article about how the complexity introduced by single-page applications can often be entirely avoided: “[..] what about if, instead of trying to find a solution, you put yourself in a situation where those problems don’t exist?” Eliminating problems altogether is always better than writing code to solve them, regardless of how purely functional that could is.

But why is it that we fall for technological solutions so often, especially ones that don’t reduce complexity at all? I think that maybe we love progrmaming too much. I was recently talking to someone about Rust, and that person said, “A language without higher-kinded types is completely useless!”. Yes, certain abstractions are not possible without them, but I have never seen a project fail due to a lack of higher-kinded types. Projects fail because the problem domain is not well understood, or because the architecture is not a good fit for the requirements. They also fail because of how the organisation is structured and because of politics, be it intra- or inter-organizational. Projects fail because of people, and because of people not talking to each other.
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5 days ago by andrewsardone

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