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ZM~~ # PRinty# C with ABC!
"In this paper, I describe a new compiler for the C89 programming language.
For good reasons that I will explain later, this paper must be 20 pages long. Due to unreasonable SIGBOVIK deadlines, I did not produce enough technical material to fill the minimum number of pages, so I will am going to take my time and I have inserted several unrelated ASCII-art drawings. (..)

Now, for good reasons that I will explain later, this paper must contain 8,224 repetitions of the string "~~Q(", another weird flower. Please proceed to Page 3 to continue reading this interesting paper. (..)

This is part of the data segment. What else to put in the data segment but some data? You’re looking at the data now."
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4 days ago by gohai
Ogeon/rust-on-raspberry-pi: [OUTDATED] Instructions for how to cross compile Rust projects for the Raspberry Pi
rust-on-raspberry-pi - [OUTDATED] Instructions for how to cross compile Rust projects for the Raspberry Pi
arm  raspberrypi  rust  compiler 
7 days ago by ianweatherhogg
ABC: A C compiler for printable x86
Hi! For SIGBOVIK 2017, I created a strange paper. This one may be a bit impenetrable for non computer scientists. If you have the time, I think reading the paper is the best way to experience it. But I also created the following video that explains the ideas involved, for interested non-experts or patient experts. It's long, at about 25 minutes, but you can always just skip to the end
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9 days ago by vrypan

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