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Compiling a C++ Application from the Command Line - RAD Studio
This topic describes how to build or preprocess a simple 32-bit Windows C++ application using a batch file that contains the command lines used by the IDE.
embarcadero  command-line  compile 
12 days ago by nbrunetto
py2app · PyPI
Create standalone Mac OS X applications with Python
python  compile  mac  py2app  utility  module 
28 days ago by markav
Protecting Python Sources With Cython - Vitaly Gordon - Medium
Protecting your Python sources from unwanted readers is easier said than done, because .pyc bytecode is decompileable and the obfuscation is easily reverse-engineered. It took me a while to figure…
python  compile  encryption  decompile 
28 days ago by markav
aeirola/react-native-svg-asset-plugin: Asset plugin for importing SVG images in React Native
Asset plugin for importing SVG images in React Native - aeirola/react-native-svg-asset-plugin
react  native  svg  compile  asset 
8 weeks ago by andrewn

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