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Hyundai readies social scavenger hunt for 'Ant-Man' sequel | Mobile Marketer
Hyundai is promoting its new Veloster coupe with a scavenger hunt that gives contestants a chance to win passes to an exclusive showing of Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man and the Wasp." The carmaker will hide 500 toy versions of the vehicle throughout Los Angeles and share clues of their locations on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, according to a company press release.
The toy cars will serve as movie passes to a special July 3 showing, three days before the movie's theatrical release. The event will include gift bag giveaways, custom artwork posters and a display of the Hyundai Veloster, which makes its Hollywood debut in "Ant-Man and the Wasp." Hyundai is urging participants to post about the scavenger hunt, which begins later this month, on their social channels through the hashtag #HyundaiVeloster.
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School is Literally a Hellhole – Medium
"By continually privileging and training our eyes on a horizon “beyond the walls of the school” — whether that be achievement, authentic audiences, the real world, the future, even buzz or fame — have we inadvertently impoverished school of its value and meaning, turning it into a wind-swept platform where we do nothing but gaze into another world or brace ourselves for the inevitable? Here we have less and less patience for the platform itself, for learning to live with others who will be nothing more than competitors in that future marketplace."

"What would be possible if we instead were to wall ourselves up with one another, fostering community and care among this unlikely confluence of souls? Does privileging the proximate, present world render any critique of or contribution to the larger world impossible?

I don’t think so. Learning to protect, foster, and value the humans in our care will often automatically put us in direct conflict with the many forces that disrupt or diminish those values. More than reflecting the real world or the future or some outside standard or imperative, kids need to see themselves reflected and recognized in these rooms. This is true even in the most privileged of environments. Providing recognition means valuing students' perspectives and experiences, but also helping them gain critical consciousness of themselves and their world, which they often intuit.

These tasks aren’t disconnected from the outside world, but often need a smaller, more human-sized community in which to flourish. The impulse to test and measure continually intrudes upon this process. But so do other prying eyes, ones that cast our students as entrepreneurial, capitalistic, future-ready, self-motivated, passionate individuals — and that often shame those who can’t or won’t conform to this ideal.

We should ask ourselves to what extent those outside standards and ideals are antithetical to the values of education — civic discourse, collectivity, cooperation, care. I realize this post is short on specifics, but let’s be more cautious about always forcing one another out into unforgiving gaze of others, commending the merits of a world beyond this one."
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onedotzero create distinctive events, producing culturally significant experiences: merging arts, entertainment and technology to thrilling effect
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Programming Competition,Programming Contest,Online Computer Programming
Programming Competition: Join Online Programming Contest. CodeChef hosts Online Programming Competition, Programming Contest and Computer Programming
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