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EU Forces German Network Operator TenneT To Open The Floodgates For Danish Wind Energy |
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yesterday by TomRaftery
After landing a lucrative job at a tech startup, I had made a terrible mistake | Hacker News
"Competitive" company cultures are an enormous red flag for me, almost always a mechanism to help executives drain employees to a lifeless husk without having to actually pay for the privilege.

In my experience, companies have three ways to motivate employees.

One is to compensate them at a level commensurate with what is expected of them (too few companies do this, even in tech).

One is to make them feel like they have a genuine stake in the performance of the company, either because they ...
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yesterday by hellsten
The Seductive Diversion of ‘Solving’ Bias in Artificial Intelligence
The controversy of A.I. bias, and the false allure of “solving” it, detracts from bigger, more pressing questions about the technology.
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yesterday by jackhardinges
My Remarks at the FTC’s Competition and Consumer Protection Hearings: Understanding Exclusionary Conduct in Cases Involving Multi-Sided Platforms, Issues Related to Vertically Integrated Platforms | Hal Singer
Dominant tech platforms have the incentive and ability to leverage their platform power into ancillary markets by vertically integrating and then favoring their affiliated content, applications, or wares in their algorithms and basic features. A platform owner should be concerned for the overall health of its ecosystem, which in theory would discourage it from squeezing…
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yesterday by jackhardinges
Facebook, Amazon, and Google: a pocket guide to breaking them up - Vox
Columbia Law professor Tim Wu lays out a plan to dissolve the tech giants in his new book The Curse of Bigness.
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yesterday by jackhardinges
Stability Criteria for Complex Microbial Communities | bioRxiv
Competition and mutualism are inevitable processes in microbial ecology, and a central question is which and how many taxa will persist in the face of these interactions. Ecological theory has demonstrated that when direct, pairwise interactions among a group of species are too numerous, or too strong, then the coexistence of these species will be unstable to any slight perturbation. This instability worsens when mutualistic interactions complement competition. Here, we refine and to some extent overturn that understanding, by considering explicitly the resources that microbes consume and produce. In contrast to more complex organisms, microbial cells consume primarily abiotic resources, and mutualistic interactions are often mediated by these same abiotic resources through the mechanism of cross-feeding. Our model therefore considers the consumption and production of a set of abiotic resources by a group of microbial species. We show that if microbes consume, but do not produce resources, then any positive equilibrium will always be stable to small perturbations. We go on to show that in the presence of crossfeeding, stability is no longer guaranteed. However, stability still holds when mutualistic interations are either symmetric, or sufficiently weak.
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