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Google Engineer - Total Compensation in US - Ultimate Post - Blind
I see a lot of misleading info on Blind with extremely exaggerated compensation ranges.Let’s shed some light on the topic with real data points based on random Google engineer responses across the US. The number of respondents is about 2% of the comp...
yesterday by nham
How much do software engineers make at Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft?
Recently, we’ve seen a lot of compensation data provided anonymously by tech employees. We compiled and standardized some of this data to improve our understanding of what companies are paying. For…
yesterday by nham
A better offer letter – Carta Blog – Medium
At eShares we spend a lot of time thinking about how to better educate employees on startup equity. Even new hires at eShares often don’t understand the equity compensation component of their offer…
startup  compensation  business 
yesterday by bobzoller
Get Compensation for Flight Delays of up to $700
Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. You may be entitled to as much as $700 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years.
flight  travel  compensation  delay 
5 days ago by pgorrindo
The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation
In-depth discussion of various types of equity compensation and tax implications. Also has a section on agreements and negotiations. Helpful.
equity  compensation  equitycompensation 
5 days ago by drmeme
The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation — Holloway
Really cool to see the @hollowayguides to equity compensation go live:

I think this is the…
tax  equity  stock  work  compensation  acquisition  2018 
8 days ago by swinton
Get Compensation for Flight Delays of up to $700 | AirHelp
Claim compensation for your flight delay or cancellation

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. You may be entitled to as much as $700 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years.
compensation  flight  travel 
9 days ago by base10
Get Compensation for Flight Delays of up to $700 | AirHelp
Flight delayed? Canceled? Receive up to $700. Send AirHelp your flight details and get an answer in 3 minutes on compensation claims you could be owed!
flight  travel  air  compensation  delay  airfares  airplane  airport  annullierung  ausfall 
10 days ago by atran

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