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GitHub - SerenityOS/serenity: Serenity Operating System
Serenity Operating System. Contribute to SerenityOS/serenity development by creating an account on GitHub.
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8 weeks ago by gilberto5757
Samsung devient le premier constructeur à lancer l’application Apple TV et AirPlay 2 sur ses téléviseurs | Samsung FR
Les modèles suivants de la gamme 2018 ne sont pas compatibles avec l’application Apple TV et AirPlay 2 : NU719x, NU712x, NU709x, NU702x.

La nouvelle application Apple TV, ainsi que AirPlay 2, sont désormais disponibles sur toutes les Smart TV 2019 de Samsung, ainsi que sur la plupart des modèles de la gamme 2018.
samsung  airplay  mac  ios  apple  tv  air  play  2  support  compatible  list 
12 weeks ago by ebouchut
Google and IBM still trying desperately to move cloud market-share needle | TechCrunch
While becoming cross-platform compatible isn’t exactly a radical notion in general, it most certainly is for a company like IBM, which if it had its druthers and a bit more market share, would probably have been content to maintain the status quo. But if the majority of your customers are pursuing a multi-cloud strategy, it might be a good idea for you to jump on the bandwagon — and that’s precisely what IBM has done by opening up access to Watson across clouds in this fashion.
"While  becoming  cross-platform  compatible  isn’t  exactly  a  radical  notion  in  general  it  most  certainly  is  for  company  like  IBM  which  if  had  its  druthers  and  bit  more  market  share  would  probably  have  been  content  to  maintain  the  status  quo.  But  majority  of  your  customers  are  pursuing  multi-cloud  strategy  might  be  good  idea  you  jump  on  bandwagon    that’s  precisely  what  has  done  by  opening  up  access  Watson  across  clouds  this  fashion. 
february 2019 by jonerp
The FireBee is a new Atari-compatible computer. It will run most of the Atari compatible software and features USB ports, Ethernet, DVI-I connector and a SD-card reader
atarist  compatible  atarifalcon  modern  computer  retro  old 
december 2018 by gilberto5757

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