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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Vs Open Source Options - Blog - 6D Global
Total cost of ownership is the only way to compare Adobe AEM to Acquia’s Drupal. The licensing fees for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Marketing Cloud largely depend on the business and which components are implemented. However, costs are near $250,000 to $1,000,000 and up annually. Gartner cautioned in 2015, “Adobe's WCM offering is one of the more expensive in the market, sometimes being twice the price of its nearest competitor.”
adobe  aem  sling  wcm  comparison 
16 hours ago by fcassin
No, Mexico City is not “The New Berlin”: A response to Vice
To compare this reality to a city like Berlin, where most people have pensions, a good standard of living, quality state-run healthcare, and decent wages is the height of egregiousness. It makes you wonder exactly how tone-deaf the writers of pieces like this can be. Have they ever dared venture outside the Roma-Condesa bubble? How much do they even know about Mexico City? Why have so many of these articles been popping up in recent years? Is it just cluelessness that drives them, or is it part of some local government branding strategy akin to the “Mexican Moment” debacle of a few years back?
At best, these articles display a certain naïveté. At worst, they engage in outright erasure, where the parts of the city not inhabited by affluent, trendy (and yes, mostly White) foreigners are simply ignored. It’s a kind of metaphorical displacement akin to the very real displacement that occurs when this crowd moves into an area, gradually making it unaffordable for ordinary people. Intentionally or not, the idea of Mexico City as this “new Berlin” only helps to exacerbate the dynamics of exclusion that plague our city every single day.
MexicoCity  Berlin  comparison  urbandevelopment  gentrification  tourism  review  critique  Medium  2017 
22 hours ago by inspiral
How Wrestling Explains Alex Jones and Donald Trump - The New York Times
Alex Jones’s audience adores him because of his artifice, not in spite of it. They admire a man who can identify their most primal feelings, validate them, and choreograph their release. To understand this, and to understand the political success of other figures like Donald Trump, it is helpful to know a term from the world of professional wrestling: “kayfabe.”

Although the etymology of the word is a matter of debate, for at least 50 years “kayfabe” has referred to the unspoken contract between wrestlers and spectators: We’ll present you something clearly fake under the insistence that it’s real, and you will experience genuine emotion. Neither party acknowledges the bargain, or else the magic is ruined.
DonaldTrump  politics  truth  kayfabe  review  comparison  analogy  USA  NYTimes  2017 
yesterday by inspiral
RealWorld - TodoMVC for the RealWorld- Fullstack clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more 🏅
TodoMVC for the RealWorld — Fullstack clone powered by React, Angular, Node, Django, and many more.
examples  opensource  web-framework  JS  comparison  community 
yesterday by liqweed
Streaming services comparison: YouTube TV vs. Sling TV vs. DirecTV Now vs. PlayStation Vue - Business Insider
As of March 2017:
"It's close, but if you need to pick today, we'd go with PlayStation Vue. It has been the smoothest, technically speaking, in our testing. It's not hard to navigate. It works on most devices. It supports the most concurrent streams (i.e., it's good for a family). Its channel lineup, while not flawless, compares well with the others. And it has a full-fledged DVR in place today."
youtubetv  playstationvue  directvnow  2917  comparison  tv 
4 days ago by handcoding
PlayStation Vue vs. Sling TV vs DirecTV Now vs YouTube TV | Digital Trends
"PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, DirecTV Now and the recently launched (in select markets) YouTube TV are emerging as major competition to traditional pay TV. Offering both live and on-demand programming and — in some cases — cloud-based DVRs, the services are more than capable cable alternatives. But which is best? In order to help you sift through the chaos, we’ve put together this handy guide detailing each service’s features."
youtubetv  2017  comparison  tv  slingtv  directvnow 
4 days ago by handcoding

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