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The Mac Index – Compare Apple product prices in different countries
The Mac Index indexes Apple Store and compare prices of Apple products in different countries, against recent currency exchange rate.
apple  global  price  comparison 
4 hours ago by traggett
Veeam Agent for Windows Editions Comparison
Veeam Agent for Windows - Free vs Workstation. Free lacks synthetic full backup, Cloud connect and full backup to MS Onedrive - 2019-01-19
comparison  backup  Software  image  free 
yesterday by wellsa
Go vs C#, part 2: Garbage Collection – ServiceTitan Engineering – Medium
Interestingly, the draft for this post was written a couple months ago, and it was relatively short. The gist of it was: “Go’s GC is clearly inferior to what .NET has, see the following posts: 1, 2…
golang  csharp  comparison  toread  gc 
3 days ago by akozlovsky
Comparison with Other Projects - gocryptfs
There are several open-source file encryption solutions for Linux available. In contrast to disk-encryption software that operate on whole disks (TrueCrypt, dm-crypt etc), file encryption operates on individual files that can be backed up or synchronised easily.

* gocryptfs (this project), aspiring successor of EncFS
* EncFS, mature with known security issues
* eCryptFS, integrated into the Linux kernel
* Cryptomator, strong cross-platform support through Java and WebDAV
* securefs, a cross-platform project implemented in C++
* CryFS, result of a master thesis at the KIT University that uses chunked storage to obfuscate file sizes
encryption  comparison  fuse 
4 days ago by spl

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