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Commuters deserve focus of mobile carriers
When commuters aren’t shopping, they are relying on mobile communications for a variety of other services. According to the PayPal research, when commuters aren’t researching things to buy (19%), they are texting (67%), checking social media sites (44%), talking on their phone (44%), streaming/listening to music (44%), playing online/app games (41%), reading the news (38%), taking pictures or video (20%), watching TV/videos (17%) or doing something else (7%).
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Sydney weather: rain hits commuters Weather Sydney #WeatherSydney | hot top breaking au news | Pinterest
Sydney weather: rain hits commuters Weather Sydney | hot top breaking au news | Pinterest Sydney : # |PP diigo, ifttt, pinboard, rain, WeatherSydney, Weather, Sydney, hits, commuters March 31, 2015 at 03:32PM
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