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Kids Learning Skills and Being Awesome. - DIY
DIY is a safe online community for kids to discover new passions, level up their skills, and meet fearless geeks just like them.
community  education  dadmatters 
9 hours ago by robertocarroll
Facebook Blueprint - About
Blueprint is a global education program that empowers agencies, advertisers and businesses of any size to reach their business goals with Facebook's family of apps and services.
9 hours ago by robertocarroll
On Being a Good Platform Citizen – Track Changes
Since the Internet is, for me, all about making things, or building tools to help people do things, I tend to see digital citizenship as almost a side-effect to effectively and ethically following your craft.

For example, a “good” website is easy to index, usable by people who have different levels of neural and physical function, doesn’t track people very much, has a simple, clean design, and works across all reasonable platforms. I.e. it’s “accessible.”

what makes for a good platform citizen? Twitter citizenship is about managing your ego while supporting the ego needs of others, while Facebook citizenship is about bragging less while ethically consuming the nonsense of others.

To participate in modern culture is to participate in web platforms. I want my participation to be meaningful. But is it possible to be a true citizen of a commercial social platform? Is “citizen” even a valid concept here? Because we’re more than customers, and less than voters. So…what are we?
making-future-magic  community  twitter 
9 hours ago by robertocarroll
The DEV Community is a place for programmers of all backgrounds and experience levels to learn and share ideas
blog  development  programming  web  community  publishing 
12 hours ago by steffenfiedler
Connecting our family IRL! : AboveandBeyond
After the weekend I've been thinking very hard about what I want Anjuna's digital / social presence to evolve into this year. The theme of the the...
community  cool  development  anjunadeep  a&r 
20 hours ago by mkatase
GitHub - rauchg/slackin: Public Slack organizations made easy
Tool to set up a request form so people can join your Slack workspace/group.
community  development  github  slack  chat  opensource 
yesterday by hannes
RT : It's still far too little known that pretty much the best way to do almost anything is to involve our .…
community  from twitter
yesterday by kristiannorling
It’s a distraction-free space where you can collect anything, organize your thoughts, and develop ideas over time. It’s also a community where curiosity and collaboration are more important than algorithms and likes.
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yesterday by jessewagstaff
Terraform Module Registry
Discover modules for common infrastructure configurations for any provider.
devops  automation  community  modularity  repository  search  deployment  curated 
2 days ago by liqweed
Hangar | Centre de producció i recerca d'arts visuals
HANGAR History What and how Where and when Team Info and downloads Publications
LABS Production Digital image Interaction Software Streaming Labs projects Info and rates
SPACES AND EQUIPMENTS Studios for rent Multipurpose spaces for rent Equipment for rent Coworking area Residency for artists Info and rates
barcelona  community  workshops 
2 days ago by mvh

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