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Impact Profile – Help make the world a better place
Impact Profile provides a central destination for individuals wishing to measure and showcase their own social contribution and impact, thereby inspiring others to do the same – social media for social good.
peace  social  socialgood  community  volunteering 
2 days ago by herdivineshadow
Montage - fast and easy prototyping tool
Fast, easy prototyping for everyone
Rapid app prototyping with a user-generated library of components. No design skills needed.
Prototyping  onlinetool  free  components  community  app 
2 days ago by gwippich
Eversource powers up Santa Fund | News, Sports, Jobs - The Nashua Telegraph
Officials for electricity provider Eversource continue recognizing the needs of the community, as they are now contributing to Santa Fund 2018.
nashuatelegraph  positive  community  contributions 
2 days ago by eversourcenh
Interopable impact finance
Interopable impact finance
Platform opportunities. For capital track at Transform:Climate, communities and capital.
equity  community  finance.  sexism  wealth  interopable  operating  infrastructure  system  racism 
3 days ago by Kevindoylejones
Blind - About Us
"Blind is an anonymous social networking platform for professionals. Work email-verified professionals can connect with coworkers and other company/industry professionals by holding meaningful conversations on a variety of different topics."
app  community  privacy  dopost 
3 days ago by niksilver

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