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Favourite albums to listen to while coding - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Like many developers I put my headphones on when coding. It helps me get in the zone and get into that flow state. Here's a list of my favourite albums to listen to while coding.
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5 hours ago by smitchell
Learn to write in 2019 - Write Together
Anyone can learn to write, and we are a community of people from all backgrounds, learning together.
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yesterday by shellen
Raising Free People | Raising Aware People #LRC2018 - YouTube
"What are your experiments with the intersection of Unschooling / Self Directed Education and Social Justice. And your understanding of this intersection. While, hey are inextricably linked, the practice of unschooling as social justice and raising aware people isn't widely understood, spoken about or shared.

So at Learning Reimagined 2018, we hosted an interactive panel discussion as an introduction to the relationship and practice of the two, with the hope that this will help participants and now viewers to think around these issues and to then discuss and share further in their communities and here with us online so we can learn too.

The panel consisted of a mix of young unschoolers and featured speakers (Akilah Richards, Bayo Akomolafe, Teresa Graham Brett) at Learning Reimagined 2018."
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yesterday by robertogreco

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