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Design Urban Campuses to Engage with the Community | Buildings
"Large cities provide colleges and universities located within their boundaries a dynamic place in which to situate curricular experiences. For these institutions, a city isn’t just a context to study, but rather it’s a cause to engage and shape."
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10 days ago by dilibrary
Best practices for community engagement – Raph's Website
I’ve written endless words on this in the past, but sometimes you just need a cheat sheet. Particularly these days when people who aren’t community professionals find themselves on the front lines out of business necessity or just because of the nature of social media. So here’s just a quick set of advice for those who find themselves speaking to members of their user community.
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11 days ago by cogdog
What Lies At The Cutting Edge of Communities | Keynote at FeverBee SP…
What Lies At The Cutting Edge of Communities | Keynote at FeverBee SPRINT 2015 SF by Dion Hinchcliffe
11 days ago by page
Is the window closing on enterprise customer communities? | ZDNet
While a number of leading companies have succeeded in gathering their customers around them online, the process of socially engaging the external world increasingly looks like a zero sum game for the rest.
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11 days ago by page
Made on the Web, designed by us | ZDNet
With a new survey showing that the majority of people on the Web are willing to co-create, crowdsourcing is looking like a repeatable, reliable way to outsource work and partner with online communities to create concrete results. Crowdsourcing has become increasingly attractive to small businesses as well as enterprises.
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Why Online Communities Are The New B2B Superpower
12 days ago by page
Your Brand’s Online Community Strategy | FeverBee
Your Brand’s Online Community Strategy – Broken Down Into Specific Steps
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17 days ago by page
The most successful and reliable approach in the history of building online communities.
The Proven Path - The most successful and reliable approach in
the history of building online communities.
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