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Every Interaction Matters – Jeff Morris Jr. – Medium
In an effort to be helpful, my friend offered to introduce the CEO to one of the top venture firms in the world.
The CEO’s response responded with a brief email containing only two words: “please do.”
After receiving the brief response, my friend asked me an honest question: “is this how everyone in tech behaves?”
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21 hours ago by ramitsethi
What if Western media covered Charlottesville the same way it covers other nations
A fictional example of how Western media would cover what happened in Charlottesville if they did the same way they talk about events in a foreign country.

-- Karen Attiah
Washington Post | | 16 aug 2017
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The Email Habit That Makes People Look Incompetent - PsyBlog
"A smiling emoji in a business email makes the sender look incompetent, new research finds.
"It also does not make the sender look like a warmer person either."
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yesterday by katherinestevens
Existing Tendencies In Business Enterprise Communication | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Any person who has owned or labored for a small business is familiar with that the continuous improvement of technologies goes hand in hand with the improvement of small business interaction. In the final ten years on your own, the remarkable technological improvements that have taken spot in interaction have altered they way we do […]
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Allen curve - Wikipedia
During the late 1970s, [Professor Thomas J.] Allen undertook a project to determine how the distance between engineers’ offices affects the frequency of technical communication between them. The result of that research, produced what is now known as the Allen Curve, revealed that there is a strong negative correlation between physical distance and the frequency of communication between work stations. The finding also revealed the critical distance of 50 meters for weekly technical communication.

With the fast advancement of internet and sharp drop of telecommunication cost, some wonder the observation of Allen Curve in today's corporate environment. In his recently co-authored book, Allen examined this question and the same still holds true. He says[2]

"For example, rather than finding that the probability of telephone communication increases with distance, as face-to-face probability decays, our data show a decay in the use of all communication media with distance (following a "near-field" rise)." [p. 58]

Apparently a few years back in Google, some staff mined the promotion data, and were able to show a Allen-like curve that proved a strong correlation between distance from Jeff Dean's desk, and time to getting promoted.
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