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This year we launched a shadow me scheme as part of our transformation 6 months:
70 applications
45 placemen…
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3 days ago by mattedgar
RT : A striking, but sad stat: “89 per cent of men who die after a night out are found dead in water.”
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11 days ago by danslee
FOUR LEVELS: Canny steps to take when your good advice gets ignored | Dan Slee
Love this every person needs to take note if their professional advice is ignored
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6 weeks ago by danslee
9 Words and Phrases You’re Probably Using Wrong
Commonly misused terms/phrases

begs the question
impacts on
in regard(s) to
statistically significant
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7 weeks ago by tom.reeder
The life of a person is never dull.... today’s job: chaperoning Gareth Gates !
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8 weeks ago by danslee
Great workshop content on importance of in Transformation programmes from
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9 weeks ago by danslee
Essential reading, people of
New legislation for
Don’t panic 😱
Do plan ✅
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10 weeks ago by danslee
West Midlands chums... learn to plan, shoot, edoit and dd music to kake effective video with me and…
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10 weeks ago by danslee
Thrilled to be speaking again next month about in at an upcoming event in…
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10 weeks ago by danslee

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