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Stanford seeks to improve graduate student advising
Stanford seeks to improve graduate student advising
In changes aimed at improving the quality of graduate student advising, Stanford University’s Faculty Senate last week voted to require departments to spell out advising expectations for both professors and students.
The body also voted to limit who can serve as a principal dissertation adviser for Ph.D. candidates to current Stanford professors who are active members of the campus’s Academic Council.
Advising remains a key area of concern for Stanford’s 9,400 graduate students, as revealed during a recent planning process for graduate education and four years of student exit survey data, Patricia J. Gumport, vice provost for graduate education, told the Senate at its meeting Thursday.
“Our students’ daily experiences are impacting their education and academic progress as well as their well-being,” Gumport said, according to information from Stanford. “We take seriously all that they are telling us, and we are working together.”
Some 40 percent of students surveyed reportedly cited “availability of faculty” as an obstacle to their academic progress, while 27 percent cited advising as another roadblock.
Faculty members who are leaving Stanford for various reasons may now only serve as co-advisers with a current Stanford professor serving as principal adviser.
Faculty members emeriti recalled to active duty may serve as principal advisers.
Stanford students aren’t alone in their concerns about advising. Graduate students nationwide commonly cite poor advising -- from not feeling like a priority to one's adviser to advising that doesn’t relate to one's career goals -- as a major challenge.
A widely cited study published last month in Nature Biotechnology also linked lackluster advising across academic disciplines to mental health concerns. Among surveyed graduate students with anxiety or depression, half did not agree that their immediate mentors provided “real” mentorship. Responses were similar to questions about whether advisers and principal investigators provided ample support and whether they positively impacted students’ emotional mental well-being. More than half of respondents who experienced anxiety or depression did not agree that their advisers or PIs were assets to their careers or that they felt valued by their mentor.
“These data indicate that strong, supportive and positive mentoring relationships between graduate students and their PI/advisors correlate significantly with less anxiety and depression,” the study’s authors concluded.
“Advising  is_  along  with  teaching  and  research_  one  of  the  most  impactful  things  we  do  here_”  David  Goldhaber-Gordon_  committee  chair  and  professor  of  physics_  said  during  the  meeting.  “We  hope  this  will  spur  conversations  among  faculty_  and  between  faculty  and  students_  about  how  the  advising  relationship  works.”  from iphone
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CIA Alleged Cocaine Sales, Oct 23 1996 | Video |
Committee members heard testimony from experts and current administration officials concerning accusations by several members of Congress and others that the CIA sold drugs to U.S. citizens in the 1980s in order to finance covert operations against the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua.
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Critics of the Kremlin give evidence - News from Parliament - UK Parliament
08 November 2016 On Tuesday 8 November 2016 the Foreign Affairs Committee continues its inquiry on the UK's relations with Russia. Inquiry: The UK's relations…
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