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Git the subject right (article) - DataCamp
Communication is an important skill for programmers, but this usually doesn't show in commit messages like “fix bug”. This post will show you how to write good commit messages.
git  commit  message  good  comments  howto 
26 days ago by gdw
Git Commit Message StyleGuide | styleguide-git-commit-message
This is an attempt to standardize the format of commit messages, for the sake of uniformity in git log, best practices for writing commit messages & fun!
git  styleguide  commit 
6 weeks ago by exon
git - Warning: you are leaving 1 commit behind, not connected to any of your branches - Stack Overflow
git cherry-pick saves the day when you commit to the wrong branch!
you can just cherry pick it back to your branch
git  commit  fuckups 
8 weeks ago by ahpeeyem

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