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ICO finds Metropolitan Police Service’s Gangs Matrix breached data protection laws | ICO
An investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found that the Metropolitan Police Service’s (MPS) use of the Gangs Matrix led to multiple and serious breaches of data protection laws.
ico  information  police  law  commissioner  gangs  surveillance  policy  rights  privacy  odm 
march 2019 by juliantait
LinkedIn processed 18 million email addresses of non-users for targeted advertising
Social media network LinkedIn processed the email addresses of 18 million non-members and targeted them with advertising on Facebook without permission, an audit by the Data Protection Commissioner has found.
linkedin  ireland  gdpr  dataprotection  commissioner  emailaddress  targetedads  facebook  consent  permission  indie  radar 
november 2018 by laurakalbag
Working together on automatic facial recognition - Surveillance Camera Commissioner
Regular readers of my blog will know that  the Home Office published their  Biometric Strategy in June and in doing so established  a new board (which I sit on) to develop that strategy. 
surveillance  afr  facial  recognition  society  legal  commissioner 
november 2018 by juliantait
After delay, new judge on circuit court | Newcastle Herald
When she begins work in Newcastle on October 8 it will be eight months since Justice Michael Myers left the post to lead the Australian Law Reform Commission’s inquiry into incarceration rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
mm-17/18  commissioner  indigenous-incarceration 
september 2017 by ALRC
Ideas Box – Access To Education, Information And Culture In Humanitarian Situations. | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Thoughts Box – Accessibility to education and learning, information and culture in humanitarian conditions. Online video by Vidéaux: New music: – Attractiveness, by Tryad – Hours (Several years), by Mark Nine – Shine (Orchestral Pop Rock version) by Oursvince readily available less than inventive commons Because 2012, Libraries with out Borders has partnered with […]
IFTTT  WordPress  Ideas  Burundi  (Country)  Culture  education  idea  Information  &  nonprofit  refugees  relief  United  Nations  High  Commissioner  For  (Organization) 
august 2017 by wotek
Scott confirmed as New Hampshire environmental commissioner
The Executive Council approved Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s second nominee to lead the state Department of Environmental Services on Wednesday.
ConcordMonitor  environmental  commissioner  Sununu  nominee 
june 2017 by northernpass
Scott confirmed as New Hampshire environmental commissioner
The Executive Council approved Republican Gov. Chris Sununu’s second nominee to lead the state Department of Environmental Services on Wednesday.
concordmonitor  environmental  commissioner  sununu  nominee  RobertScott 
june 2017 by eversourcenh

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