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21 days ago by jccalhoun
Alan Pafenbach Creative
website of the creative director for some of the iconic Volkswagen ads of the early aughts
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27 days ago by raafi
Here's an Apple Ad for iPhone 11 Pro's Triple-Camera System
Apple just released this 38-second commercial touting the benefits of the new triple-camera system found in the newly announced iPhone 11 Pro.
The iPhone 11 Pro and its triple-camera system.
The ad shows a photo shoot with a dog in a sci-fi-style wind tunnel. We see the different field-of-views that can be captured with the three cameras...
The 2x view captured with the 12MP 52mm f/2 telephoto camera...
The 1x view captured with the 12MP 26mm f/1.8 wide camera...
The 0.5x view captured with the 12MP 13mm f/2.4 ultra-wide camera...
Here are some of the resulting photos seen in the ad...
Apple is also bringing low-light computational photography to the iPhone with a feature that competes against Google’s amazing Night Sight. The new Night mode in iPhone 11 Pro lets you “take photos in low-light like never before,” Apple says.
After turning off the lights in the tunnel and leaving a single lamp on…
…the new iPhone can still capture a usable photo of a dog that wasn’t possible before Night mode...
The new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max start shipping on September 20th and have base price tags of $1,000 and $1,100.
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5 weeks ago by rgl7194
Watch: Todd Gurley and his new cat star in hilarious Hulu commercial
Todd Gurley announced to the world last week that he finally got the cat he’s been talking about, officially moving closer to being a “cat dude.” Social media was thrilled to see Gurley followed through on his claim of being a cat guy, but there may have been another reason for his new addition to the family.
Less than a week after sharing the exciting news of his cat adoption, Hulu released a new commercial with Gurley and his furry friend. The cat even has a name already: Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports.
Gurley is just another Hulu sellout, it seems, joining the likes of Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo.
As for that Instagram account Gurley mentioned in the ad, it’s real. Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports does have his own account with more than 2,300 followers.
Gurley apparently did a 90s-inspired photoshoot with his cat, which produced a fantastic picture of the two. Click through Gurley’s Instagram post for another photo and two more videos.
Sellout or not, Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports is adorable.
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august 2019 by rgl7194
Samsung removes ads that trolled Apple over removing headphone jack after it does the same thing
It just started removing the headphone jack from its phone too.
What you need to know
Samsung is trying to scrub the record of its making fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack.
That's because it is now doing the same thing with its Galaxy Note 10.
However, the ad is still up on its Malaysian channel so you can still watch it and have a chuckle.
Remember when Apple first removed the headphone jack from the iPhone and Samsung couldn't help but run a national ad campaign making fun of it? Well now it has to pay the piper because it is now removing the headphone jack from its phones and quietly removing these ads. However, thanks to a bad job by Samsung, they're still around.
First spotted by Business Insider, Samsung has removed the video called "Growing Up" from its main U.S. YouTube channels:
Business Insider found that the advert has been removed from the Samsung Mobile USA page, which has nearly 1.8 million subscribers. It is also not available on the main Samsung channel, which has 3.8 million followers. You can still see the Samsung Mobile USA YouTube page that hosted the advert via internet archive Way Back Machine.
In the ad a long time iPhone user begins to grow frustrated with the iPhone's lack of waterproofing or expandable storage. It isn't until Apple removes the headphone jack that the user ditches the iPhone and gets a Samsung Galaxy.
Though Samsung is trying to scrub every record of this ad, it still hasn't quite done so. The ad is still on its Malaysian YouTube page.
Apple tends to be the subject of many competitor's negative ad campaigns. But seeing as it is also the trendsetter, most of these companies just end up following Apple's lead in a few years anyway.
Apple was the first to remove the headphone jack, and it received a healthy dose of criticism for it. Now every major smartphone marker has done so. The last holdout was Samsung. Well, this is its mea culpa moment.
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august 2019 by rgl7194
Behind the Mac — Test the Impossible — Apple - YouTube
Published on Aug 1, 2019
From podcasts to programming, photography to fashion design, college students around the world are doing more than ever outside the classroom.
See how the next generation is pursuing their creative passions and testing the impossible behind the Mac.
Shop for Mac at:
Science & Technology
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august 2019 by rgl7194
Apple's new Behind the Mac ad wants people to test the impossible | iMore
Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.
What you need to know
Apple released a new Behind the Mac ad.
Titled "Test the Impossible," it nudges Mac users to aim for the impossible.
It continues Apple's strong legacy of delivering inspiring ads for its products.
Apple wants you to test the impossible. That is the clear message in its latest Behind the Mac ad that wants users of its Mac to not settle for merely achieving what is possible, but going beyond them.
The video titled "Test the Impossible," shows various glimpses of artists working on various artistic projects. It is narrated by voice nudging the viewer to reach for the impossible and not settle for merely staying within the lines of what is possible.
Here's what the narrator says:
You have no idea what you are doing. This is great. People who know what they are doing know the rules, and they know what is possible and what is impossible. You do not. The rules and what is possible and impossible in the arts were made by people who have not test the bounds of the possible by going beyond them. And you can.
It follows Apple's knack for creating striking and inspiring videos for its products. It doesn't really have anything to do with a Mac, but with all of the people in the video using a Mac, it makes it very clear that if you own a Mac, you can achieve the impossible.
Check out the video for yourself. It is very inspiring.
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august 2019 by rgl7194
ABC: Whiskey Cavalier 'Spyvertising' by Deutsch | Creative Works | The Drum
Deutsch worked with ABC to promote the new show Whiskey Cavalier.
The spots are essentially fake ads the agency is calling 'Spyvertising' and it features the stars of the show, Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan.
One looks like a glossy travel spot, with glamor shots of Rome, Paris and Prague, as Foley and Cohan appear as a couple traipsing romantically towards a chalet, before a missile nearly kills them. Another looks like a tampon ad, as Cohen says she needs "discreet protection." The tampon appears, then starts blinking as viewers realize it's a small explosive device. The third jewelry spoof shows Foley proposing to Cohan. He puts a ring on her finger. She activates a small needle on the ring and sinks it into Foley's neck, putting him to sleep.
“We love this kind of work; making provocative content for clients willing to take a shot at changing the game,” said Pete Favat, chief creative officer, Deutsch North America. “Our feeling is that people don’t hate advertising, they hate bad advertising, and maybe they’ll love Spyvertising.”
All work was created in-house at Deutsch and Steelhead.
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august 2019 by rgl7194
Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Zhou Xun Suit Up for New IWC Schaffhausen Ad Campaign | dapperQ | Queer Style
Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Zhou Xun suited up for IWC Schaffhausen’s ad campaign and the results were…
The Swiss luxury watch brand IWC Schaffhausen launched a new 27 piece collection for all genders. Once specifically marketed as a “men’s” watch company, IWC Schaffhausen’s latest line offers a range of sizes to fit smaller and larger wrists. So, um, yeah…the watches are pretty darn cool, but let’s get back to the suits...
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july 2019 by rgl7194
Nike Ended the Women's World Cup Like It Began, With Another Showstopper of an Ad | Muse by Clio
W+K's 'Never Stop Winning' salutes U.S. champs
Nike celebrated Sunday's victory by the U.S. over the Netherlands in the FIFA Women's World Cup final with a powerful, pointed minute-long spot from Wieden + Kennedy.
The team's 2-0 win marked the USWNT's fourth title. Consisting mainly of dramatic black-and-white stills of the players, the ad naturally follows the team's path to glory, but also uses its success as a rallying cry for greatness beyond the pitch.
Driven by chants of "I believe!" and resonating with confident emotion, the spot kicks off by suggesting—and rightly so—that this squad could be the greatest soccer team in the world, male or female, inspiring "a whole generation of girls and boys" to "go out and play and say things like, 'I want to be like Megan Rapinoe when I grow up.'"
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july 2019 by rgl7194
Nike Released an Incredible Commercial After the U.S. Women's Team's World Cup Win | Glamour
Following the U.S. Women's National Team's beautiful victory over the Netherlands in Sunday (July 7)'s World Cup final, Nike released a one-minute ad that pays tribute to the soccer champions while touting a message of empowerment for women and girls in sports.
The commercial is made up of images of athletes like Alex Morgan, Alyssa Naeher, and Tobin Heath, who just helped the U.S. cinch its fourth women's World Cup win in a row. The ad features a single voice leading a crowd in the well-known "I Believe That We Will Win" sporting chant. However, the narration starts to trail into a different direction and settles into a powerful affirmation about just how historic the current team is—and how they've been working to change the course of history for other women.
"I believe that we will be four-time champions and keep winning until we not only become the best female soccer team, but the best soccer team in the world," the voiceover declares. "And that a whole generation of girls and boys will go out and play and say things like, 'I want to be like Megan Rapinoe when I grow up,' and that they’ll be inspired to talk and win and stand up for themselves."
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july 2019 by rgl7194
Watch: Nike releases inspiring ad following USWNT’s World Cup triumph
For the U.S. Women’s National Team at the 2019 World Cup, it wasn’t just about winning. Unfairly, there was much more at stake for this amazing group of soccer players.
That’s typically true for female athletes, who are not only expected to win but to do so with a temperament that we don’t demand from their male counterparts. The USWNT, in particular, has been tasked with promoting an entire sport. Soccer’s popularity in this country is partly dependant on the performance of the team.
Somehow, that pressure didn’t seem to affect this team, which lifted its fourth World Cup trophy after a 2-0 win over the Netherlands in the final. Following the win, Nike released this ad that perfectly captures what USWNT has accomplished over the last two decades.
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july 2019 by rgl7194

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