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newCo: Learn to build a side project and features, without code
Learn to build a side project and features, without code
Concise video tutorials taught by world-class makers who walk you through the exact steps to build and launch your startup ideas. Validate quickly whatever stage you're at and get help on-the-fly from our instructors.
nocode  commercial  video  201807 
yesterday by jakoubek
How Office Lighting Can Boost Employee Productivity
Are you dissatisfied with the lighting at work? Don’t feel like you are alone because many Americans who are in the same boat.
commercial  employee-performance  lighting 
5 days ago by Adventure_Web
Visual Planning and Scheduling Software for Windows and Mac
Visual Planning and Scheduling Software
For when sticky notes and spreadsheets are no longer enough
planning  software  windows  desktop  commercial  kanban  scheduling  201807 
6 days ago by jakoubek
WebinarJam - Powerful Webinar Hosting Software
The new WebinarJam is the most dramatic improvement to Live Casting, Event Streaming, and Webinar Broadcasting ever released to the public. Unmatched flexibility coupled with high tech precision offered at a value yet to be equaled
webinar  hoster  hosting  video  saas  commercial  201807 
6 days ago by jakoubek
S3Express: Amazon S3 Command Line Utility, Amazon S3 Backup Software
Amazon S3 command line utility for Windows. Copy, query, backup multiple files to S3 using the Windows command line.
amazon  aws  s3  cli  commandline  windows  utilities  tool  commercial  201807 
7 days ago by jakoubek
Ultra Recall - Personal information manager and knowledge organizer for Windows
Organize Your Life with Ultra Recall
Ultra Recall is personal information, knowledge, and document organizer software for Microsoft Windows.
pim  notetaking  windows  desktop  app  commercial  201807 
10 days ago by jakoubek

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