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Cracking the co-working code in commercial real estate
“The corporate culture of other companies is really a landlord-tenant culture, whereas our culture is a guest-member service provider culture,” he said.
COWORKING  commercial  real  estate  data  stats  statistics  march  2018  new  York  shared  office 
3 days ago by wmaceyka
The Party Presentation — Home
Company that utilizes laser cutting to make party signs. (Fellow Makerbarn member).
lasercutting  art  commercial  makerspace 
7 days ago by cyberchucktx
Visualizing the Amazon Neptune database with KeyLines - Cambridge Intelligence
What’s special about Neptune is that it supports two different open standards for describing and querying data: (1) Gremlin – a graph traversal language from Apache TinkerPop. (2) Resource Description Framework (RDF) queried with SPARQL, a declarative language based on Semantic Web standards from W3C. We’re big fans of both approaches here at Cambridge Intelligence, and KeyLines can work with either. So, we thought we’d check out Neptune to see how easily it can be integrated with KeyLines.
rdf  aws  neptune  graphdb  gremlin  visualization  tools  commercial 
7 days ago by dlkinney
4 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring for Your Commercial Space
There are so many flooring choices available for your commercial space, but none of them offer as many advantages as hardwood flooring.
commercial  flooring  options  hardwood 
14 days ago by Adventure_Web
Wikipedia - Beef, It's What's For Dinner
"music ("Hoe-Down") from the Rodeo suite by Aaron Copland"
Wikipedia  beef  cow  AaronCopland  commercial  TV  music  1992  RobertMitchum 
15 days ago by cosmic
HomePod — Welcome Home by Spike Jonze — Apple - YouTube
fun ad directed by Spike Jonze and starring FKA twigs. If as much of that is practical effects as I think it is, it's quite neat
video  commercial 
16 days ago by joem
Proto Advantage - Breadboards (65)
Canadian source of breadboards, SMD adapters, etc.
electronics  commercial 
18 days ago by LachmanBhatia

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