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Evaporative Cooling of Group Beliefs
My own theory of Internet moderation is that you have to be willing to exclude trolls and spam to get a conversation going.  You must even be willing to exclude kindly but technically uninformed folks from technical mailing lists if you want to get any work done.  A genuinely open conversation on the Internet degenerates fast.
4 days ago by foliovision
The Stack Overflow Age | Hacker News
Ok comments on hn about stackoverflow's long shadow and a few insightful comments on how the toxic culture came to be.
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10 days ago by po
MySQL Bugs: #5159: Views: Comments are not preserved |
This feature request is 18 years old now. People still express interest about this and other related feature requests. You may not consider it vital, but please don't understimate what Bruno Aquino Filardi Filho wrote: self documenting database is really important.
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15 days ago by kme

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