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Website feedback and QA tool for designers and developers
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12 hours ago by webdevotion
The Web Is a Customer Service Medium (
WWIC is the thing people talk about when they talk about nicer-sounding things like “the wisdom of crowds” or “cognitive surplus.” It has become the first thing I think about when I think about the web. I've spent a lot of time with users, and as part of various web communities. I've answered thousands of emails about things I built or said. Now, when I sit down to graffle, I start by asking: “How do we deal with the WWIC problem?” Everything else comes after.
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3 days ago by osi_info_program
Comment Guidelines for Students
These comment guidelines for students were created by Dr. Nathaniel Rivers at St. Louis University. Rivers had students annotate each other’s Tumblr blog posts using Hypothesis. We’ve had a number of professors and teachers use the app for this kind of peer-to-peer commentary, and these guidelines are especially helpful when students are commenting on each other’s writing.    
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5 days ago by cogdog

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