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The Art of Comments
I believe commenting code is important. Most of all, I believe commenting is misunderstood. I tweeted out the other day that "I hear conflicting opinions o
programming  comments  code 
7 days ago by tedw
Coding Without Comments
Junior developers rely on comments to tell the story when they should be relying on the code to tell the story. Comments are narrative asides; important in their own way, but in no way meant to replace plot, characterization, and setting.
programming  comments  career 
7 days ago by jefframnani
KSS · Knyle Style Sheets
Documentation for any flavor of CSS that you’ll love to write. Human readable, machine parsable, and easy to remember.
css  documentation  styleguide  comments  sass 
11 days ago by spaceninja
SassDoc is to Sass what JSDoc is to JavaScript: a documentation system to build pretty and powerful docs in the blink of an eye.
css  documentation  sass  comments  styleguide 
11 days ago by spaceninja
8 Best Practices for Perfect CSS Documentation
In the world of CSS, documentation is underused. Since documentation is not visible to the end user, its value is often overlooked by clients. Also, if it’s your first time documenting code, it can be difficult to determine what to document and how to do it most effectively.
fridayfrontend  css  documentation  comments  bestpractices  system  sass 
11 days ago by spaceninja
gka/schnack: 🗣️ Simple node app for Disqus-like drop-in commenting on static websites
schnack - 🗣️ Simple node app for Disqus-like drop-in commenting on static websites
14 days ago by geetarista
Semantic Linefeeds
By starting a new line at the end of each sentence, and splitting sentences themselves at natural breaks between clauses, a text file becomes far easier to edit and version control. Text editors are very good at manipulating lines — so when each sentence is a contiguous block of lines, your editor suddenly becomes a very powerful mechanism for quickly rearranging clauses and ideas.
html  writing  documentation  comments  semantics  diffs  git 
15 days ago by spaceninja

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