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Self-Serving Bias | Slate Star Codex
Since reading Tabarrok’s post, I’ve been trying to think of more examples of this sort of thing, especially in medicine. There are way too many discrepancies in approved medications between countries to discuss every one of them, but did you know melatonin is banned in most of Europe? (Europeans: did you know melatonin is sold like candy in the United States?) Did you know most European countries have no such thing as “medical school”, but just have college students major in medicine, and then become doctors once they graduate from college? (Europeans: did you know Americans have to major in some random subject in college, and then go to a separate place called “medical school” for four years to even start learning medicine?) Did you know that in Puerto Rico, you can just walk into a pharmacy and get any non-scheduled drug you want without a doctor’s prescription? (source: my father; I have never heard anyone else talk about this, and nobody else even seems to think it is interesting enough to be worth noting).


And then there’s the discussion from the recent discussion of Madness and Civilization about how 18th century doctors thought hot drinks will destroy masculinity and ruin society. Nothing that’s happened since has really disproved this – indeed, a graph of hot drink consumption, decline of masculinity, and ruinedness of society would probably show a pretty high correlation – it’s just somehow gotten tossed in the bin marked “ridiculous” instead of the bin marked “things we have to worry about”.
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3 days ago by nhaliday
Glossator Volume 1, Introduction (PDF)
Take these epigraphs as a small garland, a chain of flowers collected from Glossator’s first volume, presented here both in gratitude to their authors and for the reader, as a poetic suggestion of the work their contributions are doing, individually and collectively. Read them closely and you will find that they comment on each other, even conduct a subtle conversation (found or made?), a dialogue composed—like all commentary—of a mysterious intersection between a reading subject and a textual object. This dialogue concerns especially the ambivalent creativity of commentary, its operation as a complex formal space defined by decidedly mixed characteristics and impulses: exposure, critique, renewal, freedom, possession, constraint, superfluity, belatedness, excess, irrelevance, openness . . .
According to Giorgio Agamben’s diagnosis, it is precisely the “loss of commentary and the gloss as creative forms” that attests to the impossibility of “any healing” in Western culture “between Halacha and Aggada, between shari’at and haqīqat, between subject matter and truth content.”1 To this schism we may add, as a rough parallel, that between practice and theory, the proportionally inseparable variables included in this journal’s title with deliberate emphasis on the priority of the former as what holds the key to both (practice founds theory). In light of this priority—we want commentary, really, send us COMMENTARIES!—the primary editorial challenges of this volume lay in negotiating the minority of submissions employing the apparatus of formal, running commentary and the unexpected number of hybrid submissions: commentarial work addressing commentary. A volume neatly divided into writings about commentary and actual commentaries turned out to be impossible. But this impossibility now appears as a more propitious start than the editors could have planned, the index of a less predictable and more authentic desire for commentary, a creative beginning.
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8 days ago by Vaguery
Don't Be Evil — History of Counterculture and Silicon Valley
Engineers try to do politics by changing infrastructure.

That’s what they do. They tweak infrastructure. It’s a little bit like an ancient Roman trying to shape public debate by reconfiguring the Forum. “We’ll have seven new entrances instead of six, and the debate will change.”
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10 days ago by inrgbwetrust
The Year of Intelligent Apps - by @dealarchitect
"What are intelligent apps? Let me cite a definition, Hasso Plattner of SAP used at SapphireNow. He invoked:

Intelligent Transactions – automate high-frequency repetitive tasks
Analytics – make data-driven insights available to everybody
Collaboration – tap into the collective intelligence of knowledge workers
Digital Assistant – provide the right answer at the right time

I would broaden the definition. For the last few years social, mobile, and cloud technologies reshaped the look and feel traditional enterprise apps. Now sensor data, automation, blockchains and vertical unbundling and morphing are transforming their guts."
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12 days ago by jonerp
What explains the formation and decay of clusters of creativity? - Marginal REVOLUTION
Creativity is often highly concentrated in time and space, and across different domains. What explains the formation and decay of clusters of creativity? In this paper we match data on thousands of notable individuals born in Europe between the XIth and the XIXth century with historical data on city institutions and population. After documenting several stylized facts, we show that the formation of creative clusters is not preceded by increases in city size. Instead, the emergence of city institutions protecting economic and political freedoms facilitates the attraction and production of creative talent.

IOW, the opposite of what Dick Florida said.
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13 days ago by nhaliday
The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World's Face
road map to understanding GOP grift. trump administration is the result of conservative cable news feedback loop; the propaganda targets are now at the wheel & still gobbling up their own distilled shit.
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26 days ago by inrgbwetrust
The other technical debt - by @dealarchitect
"Vendors have been accumulating gobs of technical debt by not keeping the software up with the times, even though customers keep paying them maintenance or annual subscriptions. You see it manifested in many ways."
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26 days ago by jonerp

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