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How to pass password to mysql command line - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange |
It doesn't look like you can send a password to 'mysql' on stdin, even though that's where it seems to be expecting it from with the '-p' (no password) option.

So I ended up using the '--defaults-file' option.
mysql  cli  dba  commandline  pipes  subprocess  python  workaround  solution 
10 hours ago by kme
Download a YouTube Channel's Videos
YouTube is an endless source of entertainment, be it stuff you're proud to share you like or stuff you would rather others not know about (see: David's history of watching old WWE Royal Rumbles). I watch a lot of YouTube in hotels and on flights when I don't have internet access, so I use youtube-dl to download YouTube videos; it's quick, easy, and makes online content available offline.
video  youtube  download  tool  commandline 
7 days ago by javajunky
linux - How to strip path while archiving with TAR - Stack Overflow
In your "Extraction phase" you can use the strip-components flag like
<code class="language-bash">tar xvf tarname.tar --strip-components=n</code>
tar  archive  decompression  tipsandtricks  commandline  shellscripting  solution 
7 days ago by kme

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