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ls -lhFG
Little bash tip: alias `ll` to `ls -lhFG`: -l = vertical list; -h = human readable filesizes; -F = trailing / in directories; -G = colour coding;
bash  ls  shell  commandline 
yesterday by spaceninja
bash - Running programs in parallel using xargs - Stack Overflow
printf %s\\n {0..99} | xargs -n 1 -P 8 input/ output/
parallel  bash  shell  terminal  commandline  how  howto  How_to 
2 days ago by catichenor
vagrant destroy - Command-Line Interface - Vagrant by HashiCorp
Remember, the procedure for deleting a vagrant box is to destroy the instance of a vagrant box that you provision (which is usually referred to as a running machine or environment) with: vagrant destroy [name|id of environment] and then, if you wish, removing the vagrant box from which you provisioned the instance altogether with: vagrant box remove.
vagrant  commandline  cli  destroy  instance  environment  documentation  guide  reference  box 
8 days ago by racl101
files - How do I change the temporary directory without using any administrative pages provided by Drupal? - Drupal Answers
drush vset file_private_path "../../../private"
drush vset file_temporary_path "../tmp"
drush vset file_public_path "sites/default/files"
drush  vset  variable  variables  settings  howto  drupal  web  dev  cms  computing  commandline  setting  file  media  private  public  temporary  tmp  temp 
10 days ago by therobyouknow

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