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Live Tail CLI - Sumo Logic
The Live Tail Command Line Interface (CLI) is a standalone application that allows you to start and use a Live Tail session from the command line.
monitoring  logging  sumologic  tool  commandline 
2 days ago by bkittelmann
How to build a JavaScript Command Line Interface
this is a whole course from site point on how to build command line interface applications with JavaScript and Node Js
javascript  nodejs  commandLine  commandLineInterface 
2 days ago by SolomonCroesus
CHMOD Command Calculator
CHMOD Command Calculator is the easiest way to generate file or directory permissions!
filesystem  permission  commandline  generator  tool 
4 days ago by javajunky
RHEL7: How to get started with Systemd. - CertDepot
Here you will find RHEL 7 information about Systemd features.
systemd  tutorial  commandline  loenz 
6 days ago by Bartcardi

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