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Rsyncrypto - Rsync Friendly File Encryption
backup  rsync  encryption  cli  commandline  shell 
yesterday by dusko
text - Creating diagrams in ASCII - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
I found another answer; I am not sure it is fully usable, but remember that GNU roff (groff) has a processor for the Pic language as well as an ascii postprocessor; thus you may have a try at something like that (if you use Linux, everything should probably already be installed). Write a file called test.roff containing:

box "box1";
box "box2";

Then type: groff -Tascii -p test.roff, and you should get:

+------+ +------+
| +-----| |
| box1 | |box2 |
+------+ +------+

One might want to remove control characters by using groff -Tlatin1 -P-c -P-b -P-u
diagram  ascii  plaintext  socumentation  commandline  cli  shell 
yesterday by dusko
GitHub - Nedgang/clitogui: Automatic GUI generation from a CLI
Automatic GUI generation from a CLI. Contribute to Nedgang/clitogui development by creating an account on GitHub.
gui  generator  automated  commandline  cli  converter  python  parameter  input  opensource  floss  library 
yesterday by gilberto5757
EggShell - iOS/macOS/Linux Remote Administration Tool
EggShell is a post exploitation surveillance tool written in Python. It gives you a command line session with extra functionality between you and a target machine. EggShell gives you the power and convenience of uploading/downloading files, tab completion, taking pictures, location tracking, shell command execution, persistence, escalating privileges, password retrieval, and much more. This is project is a proof of concept, intended for use on machines you own.
remote_access  exploit  CommandLine  python 
2 days ago by aiefel
Roku API docs
API for issuing commands to a Roku like keypresses and app launching
3 days ago by raygank
The year of Linux on the (Windows) Desktop - WSL Tips and Tricks - Scott Hanselman
The year of Linux on the (Windows) Desktop - WSL Tips and Tricks I've been doing a ton of work in bash/zsh/fish lately - Linuxing. In case you didn't know, Windows 10 can run Linux now. Sure, you can run Linux in a VM, but it's heavy and you need a decent machine. You can run a shell under Docker, but you'll need Hyper-V and Windows 10 Pro. via Pocket
ifttt  pocket  commandline  linux  programming  reference  windows 
3 days ago by jeremyday
How to Use the DIR Command in Windows
The DIR command is a powerful Windows Command Prompt function that lists all files and subdirectories contained in a specific directory. The DIR command also offers some switches that unlock some powerful functionality. Let’s take a look.
windows  directory  command  commandline 
3 days ago by morwyn
nvbn/thefuck: Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command.
Magnificent app which corrects your previous console command. - nvbn/thefuck
cli  commandline  shell  autocorrect  mistakes  correction  linux  unix  tools 
5 days ago by rwintle
Build a JavaScript Command Line Interface (CLI) with Node.js — SitePoint
Lukas White and Michael Wanyoike show how to create a simple command-line app that interacts with the GitHub API to initialize Git repositories.
git  cli  commandline  javascript  node  nodejs 
5 days ago by hay
BurntSushi/xsv: A fast CSV command line toolkit written in Rust.
A fast CSV command line toolkit written in Rust. Contribute to BurntSushi/xsv development by creating an account on GitHub.
csv  cli  commandline 
7 days ago by ElliotPsyIT

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