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Always keep and eye on your translators! Here's another about my in

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27 days ago by tolkien
The significance of plot without conflict - still eating oranges
On "kishōtenketsu," a plot that focuses on unifying threads, rather than on overcoming a conflict.
/via @robinsloan
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29 days ago by jalderman
Kindle Comic Converter
Kindle Comic Converter is an app that allows you to transform your PNG, JPG, GIF, CBZ, CBR and CB7 files into EPUB or MOBI format e-books. Preparing comics and manga for your E-Ink device was never easier.

KCC was initially developed for Kindle but currently it outputs valid EPUB 3.0 and CBZ so despite its name, KCC is tool that every E-Reader owner can happily use.
kindle  epub  comix  converter  mobi  azw  cbz  cbr  gif  cb7 
december 2018 by jesse_the_k
How do you document a tech project with comics? - Julia Evans
Julia "b0rk" Evans' advice on how to make a tech zine / comic.
comix  coding  edu_theory  ocw  zine 
december 2018 by jalderman
MangaCraft/ at master · lllyasviel/MangaCraft
Machine learning tool for autocoloring comics without flatting. (!!!)
color  comix  machinelearning 
september 2018 by jalderman
Accessible Comics - Axess Lab
Wooo! 100 Demon Diaries ebook alt-text gets a write-up by Hampus Sethfors at axess lab.
accessibility  comix 
august 2018 by jalderman
Okay so I didn’t actually know coined the term The Blue Age which refers to comics made from 2010s o…
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august 2018 by lurrel

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