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nothing matters
i dont know enough about superhero comics to properly agree with this critique, but this critique is basically why i dont read superho comics (or watch superhero movies)
56 minutes ago by tkmharris
R. Crumb's snapshots: Source material of the legendary comic artist
What his focus on such unsightly minutia in this anthology suggests, is that as outlandish, garish, or other-worldly as Crumb's cartoons get, their lasting affect comes from always being firmly grounded to the banal referents of our real world.

"People don't draw it, all this crap, people don't focus attention on it because it's ugly, it's bleak, it's depressing," he says, "The stuff is not created to be visually pleasing and you can't remember exactly what it looks like. But, this is the world we live in; I wanted my work to reflect that, the background reality of urban life."
art  photography  rcrumb  comics  drawing 
12 hours ago by terry
The bleak brilliance of Nick Drnaso’s graphic novels
Drnaso, who is twenty-nine, was promoting “Sabrina,” his graphic novel about a young man in Chicago who is devastated by his girlfriend’s sudden disappearance. Did Sabrina just leave him, or was she kidnapped or murdered? He flees the mystery, and the attendant media frenzy, seeking refuge with an old buddy in Colorado Springs. Strangers learn of awful news before he does. The Internet first denies him the privacy of his grief, and then, when the fringe weighs in, upends his certainty about Sabrina’s fate. “Sabrina” depicts an eerie world of orderly tract homes, tidy parking lots, and empty streets, where roiling emotions have been displaced onto computer screens, and where powerful people make reckless pronouncements based on bottomless skepticism.
art  books  comics 
yesterday by terry
evilhero/mylar: An automated Comic Book downloader (cbr/cbz) for use with SABnzbd, NZBGet and torrents
An automated Comic Book downloader (cbr/cbz) for use with SABnzbd, NZBGet and torrents - evilhero/mylar
comics  downloader  download  torrent  cbr  cbz 
yesterday by marek-saji
You should’ve asked | Emma
Great comic strip explaining the mental load women often bear in domestic partnerships. The invisible work that is done to manage the household.
feminism  gender  comics  parenting  relationships 
yesterday by atelathehun
RT : This week in : Doing the twist with the Socialist-Feminist Working Group of the Democratic Socialists at the…
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2 days ago by LibrariesVal
X-Men Reading Order Guide
omfg it tells you WHICH COLLECTED VOLUMES TO BUY THEM IN!!!! Indispensable as I journey through getting these through the library system.

New Mutants specifically,
2 days ago by ribbonknight
The Bleak Brilliance of Nick Drnaso’s Graphic Novels | The New Yorker
Drnaso has held jobs ever since he was a teen-ager, and finds stability and gratification in manual labor. He told me that, in 2012, soon after graduating from college, he was asked to paint a mural for an art opening in Chicago. That month, as a member of a maintenance crew at a local concert arena, he was also staining a fence. He finished the two jobs on the same day, he told me, recalling, “The feeling of satisfaction was exactly the same between when I looked at the finished fence and when I looked at the mural.”
profile  newyorker  comics  art 
2 days ago by epsalt
“Whooaa . . .”
A Mark Trail exclamation returns.
comics  MarkTrail 
2 days ago by M.Leddy
Moose Kid Comics
UK-based All-ages comic compilation published digitally, currently seeking funding
comics  kids  kidlit 
2 days ago by betobeto

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