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Review: Savage Things #8 (FINAL ISSUE) | DC Comics News
[Editor's Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Justin Jordan

Artists: Ibrahim Moustafa, Jordan Boyd


With all the action readers have been conditioned to expect, Savage Things #8 ends the series with many literal bangs. After the events of the previous issue, Cain
2 hours ago by thx1138
Weird Science DC Comics: Savage Things #1 Review
A blog about DC Comics featuring reviews, previews and articles from past and present. From Batman to Superman and everything in between.
2 hours ago by thx1138
I'm the #1 New York Times Bestselling Artist of Batman Incorporated and the co-creator of Nameless, Officer Downe, and Nixon's Pals! Buy my original art at
3 hours ago by andyhuey
Where to Start Reading
Simple comic guides, with links to books
23 hours ago by Ktown
Postage due
From Zippy: where do you put the stamp? Inside or outside the envelope?
analog  comics  letters  mail  Zippy 
yesterday by M.Leddy
A little Maia watercolor cool down to celebrate the new Amazon Academy webcomic.
comics  from twitter
yesterday by jerzydrozd
DOCTOR CTHULITTLE Illustrated Lovecraftian Adventure by ComicMix, LLC — Kickstarter
Lovecraft inspired! A beautiful, fully illustrated book! An epic adventure to find the demon-sultan Azathoth and save the universe!
books  comics 
yesterday by andyhuey
Against Clarity | The Comics Journal
William Blake, illuminated manuscripts, early sequential art
comics  art  criticism 
2 days ago by cwill

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