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For new fans interested in reading Captain America, stay far, far, far away from the current book. Instead I would recommend:

Ed Brubaker’s run on Captain America (Volume 5 and Volume 6). I mean, not only would there be no CA:TWS the movie without Ed Brubaker, but the Bucky Clause would still be in effect.
Mark Waid’s run on Captain America (Volume 1 ##445-448 and Volume 3 #1-23), plus Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty and the mini-series Captain America: Man Out of Time. No other writer gets Steve like Mark Waid does, plus his Sharon is probably the single best example of the character in her 50+ year existence.
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47 minutes ago by timberwolfoz
I Do Not Speak Tumblr, okay so i would like to get started reading comic books but i have no idea where to start it all seems so confusing?? i really like captain america, so where would be a good place to start? thanks!
I do not recommend jumping into Captain America as it currently stands; it’s being badly written and is not a good introduction to the character’s history and relationships given he spent the past year isolated in another dimension. 
Here’s the other great thing about ThePirateBay, though — if you search specifically in the Comics section for Captain America, sooner or later you’ll find the entire run of the comic, numbered and sorted into files, available for download. So you can download a massive chunk of say, 1990s Captain America, and all the volumes will be divided into folders. So you could start reading Volume 5 or Volume 6 with #1, which is actually a great help.
TPB also contains full, numbered and sorted files of arcs, like Marvel Civil War or Avengers vs. X-Men. These were major “events” that crossed over into multiple books, and the TPB download will provide you with a logically numbered reading progression. The pirates are literally doing a better job of helping you get into comics than the publishers of those comics have done for the past seventy years. 
So, if you don’t know how to work torrent download, I would learn. The odds of you getting a virus off a torrent download are low, much lower than any other source, and the odds of you getting a virus off a .cbr file are essentially nonexistent, because they aren’t executable files, they’re just zip files that have been filled with images and renamed. 
Downloadable digital comics are usually .cbr or .cbz files; you will need a comic book reader to read them, but there are tons of different ones available free, you can google for them and try a few until you find a preference (I use CDisplay but I have specific requirements). 
So if I were you I would download a CBR reader, get your torrent program fired up, go to The Pirate Bay, and search for arcs you’ve heard about or characters you’re interested in. Look for collected works that are titled things like “Deadpool v5 1-16” or “Captain America 98% Complete” or “Complete AvX”. 
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8 hours ago by timberwolfoz
Fake Geek Guys: A Message to Men About Sexual Harassment
“I will find you. I will hurt you. I will physically violate you… for being wrong about Spider-Man.”

Can you imagine, gentlemen, receiving that threat from a potentially dangerous man whose identity you have no hope of discovering but who knows your name, what city you live in, what you look like and where you work?

Now imagine receiving messages like that from men so frequently that you’re no longer bothered by it.
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13 hours ago by Zanzando
Sam Alden: On Sad Tumblr Teen Comics And Portland's Seething Rage
We talk to comic artist Sam Alden about letting go of a huge, ambitious 200-page graphic novel that took him four years, working on Adventure Time, and the strange day jobs artists take.
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yesterday by wheelbarrow
Heads or Tails -
Chris Ware sketches the life of a penny, and it's beautiful.
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yesterday by briandk
51 Awesome Webcomics The Eisners Have Completely Failed To Recognize
Yesterday, the nominations for the Eisner Awards, often considered the Oscars of Comics, came out, honoring five comics in the digital comics category. But there are dozens of amazing webcoimcs out there that the Eisners have completely ignored. via Pocket
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yesterday by DanHill
Comic Book subscription service.
2 days ago by KnockThump

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