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Schoolism - Character Design courses with Stephen Silver
The course for Hollywood-level character design like a pro. Two modes: Live w/video feedback from Silver ($1000) or at your own pace with 3-month access to videos but no feedback ($370)
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17 hours ago by betobeto
'The Private Eye' tops six figures in downloads, sales | Robot 6 @ Comic Book ResourcesRobot 6 @ Comic Book Resources
“Even though readers can still pay whatever they want for our DRM-free files (including nothing!), artist Marcos Martin, colorist Muntsa Vicente and I are proud to reveal that The Private Eye is already well into the six figures for both issues downloaded AND dollars earned,” Vaughan said, “and that’s without advertising, corporate backers, Comixology-like distributors, or even a Kickstarter campaign.”

Their experiment has been successful enough that Panel Syndicate will soon feature a second title. Vaughan notes in the latest issue of The Private Eye that they’ll be releasing a comic by a different creator soon — “someone I’m confident is going to surprise and delight you.” I’m looking forward to it.
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22 hours ago by nicoladagostino
Usagi Zone :: Dark Horse Comics
Usagi has a word with Stan Sakai about 47 Ronin
comics  funny 
yesterday by andyhuey

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