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Artisan Politics - Washington Post
doodles of a handful of presidents, with impressions by four cartoonists of them
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20 hours ago by cwinters
Pie Comic by John McNamee
Indiana Jones is a grave-digging asshole
21 hours ago by mathletics
Nonbinary Gender Identities in Media: An Annotated Bibliography
List of various works with genderqueer characters. Also includes a seemingly comprehensive list of definitions.
queer  toread  lgbt  comics  fiction 
yesterday by shusta
Series editor on the diversity of the All-New, All-Different Avengers | Polygon
The Avengers have been many things. They've been Dark and Young, New and Ultimate, Mighty and Secret. They've even been pets. But starting in May, they'll be all-new and all-different, or at least that's what Marvel is promising. We talked to Tom Brevoort, the editor on All-New, All-Different Avengers, about how that's going to be delivered.

Superficially, the roster, which will co-exist alongside other Avengers titles, consists of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, the Vision, and Nova. But these aren't all the heroes that everybody knows (or, in the case of Vision, will soon know) from the movies. Thor is the new, female Thor (who just goes by "Thor"). The codename Captain America is currently being used by Sam Wilson, previously the known as the Falcon. Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan, and all signs point not to Peter Parker but Miles Morales. Similar signs are hinting that it might not even be Tony Stark in that Iron Man suit.
characters  avengers  comics  marvel  polygon 
yesterday by rufous
Hi and Lois watch
Today’s strip needs updating.
comics  Hi&Lois 
2 days ago by M.Leddy
Mark Trail and Abbey Powell
Abbey Powell is a real person at the USDA. And now she’s trapped in the Trail world. Run, Abbey, run!
comics  MarkTrail 
2 days ago by M.Leddy

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