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yesterday by jimmykduong
Monograph by Chris Ware: Chris Ware, Ira Glass, Francoise Mouly, Art Spiegelman: 9780847860883: Books
“There’s no writer alive whose work I love more than Chris Ware. The only problem is it takes him ten years to draw these things and then I read them in a day and have to wait another ten years for the next one.”—Zadie Smith
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yesterday by craniac
Annotations to League Volume III Chapter One, a
Annotations to League Volume III Chapter One, a.k.a. Century 1910

by Jess Nevins
yesterday by andyhuey
Thought Bubble
Leeds' Comic Art Festival
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yesterday by Z303
William Gibson: 'I Never Expected to Be Living in an American Retro-Future' - Motherboard
Equal distribution of a future is only a good thing if it's a good future! And maybe not even then. I think we may one day look back on the day of the unevenly distributed future with envious nostalgia.
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2 days ago by tonious Bartmania: The Simpsons Phenomenon In Promo and Print
When The Simpsons premiered in January 1990, it created a pop culture shock still felt today. We take a look at this time through promotional material, news articles, a production script and merchandise.
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2 days ago by mikael

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