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British comics superhero Dan Dare set for take off again
Dan is still, to this day, seen as something of an old-fashioned hero – the original strips in the Eagle were formed from a very British idea about space exploration and the future, very different to the ‘wild new frontier’ of most American fiction,”
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18 hours ago by jbaldwin
Read These Comics to Prepare for the Next Five Years of Marvel Movies
Marvel announced a ton of movies yesterday, revealing the characters who'll be joining their silver-screen universe over the next five years. Some of the new heroes, however, aren't as well-known as big-leaguers like Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk. If you don't know who Captain Marvel, Black Panther and the Inhumans are, we've got a reading list that will help you learn.
18 hours ago by billygoat
How should I get started on Batman comics? - Batman - Comic Vine
I have never read a Batman comic in my life.  I want to start getting in to them.  I want to read about Bruce Waynes' story from beginning to end (if
21 hours ago by wesbaker

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