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Interview: Grant Morrison Takes Us On A Multiversity Tour
"So I’m thinking, well, we know there are no superheroes in this world; there just are none. What does a superhero look like in this world? Well, it’s made of paper, or it’s something that appears in celluloid. So I set up the task of making the world’s first superhero and the comic being that."
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Marvel Unlimited Recommendations
I get asked for recommendations all the time by new subscribers of Marvel Unlimited. It’s a huge, sprawling, poorly curated service, and with more than 50 years of content, it can be overwhelming for even experienced readers.
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a continual state of inelegance
Steve Rogers didn’t go all in for war because his country asked it of him. In fact, until he was chosen to be Captain America, Steve Rogers actively chose to break laws in his attempts to enlist when the army told him that he couldn’t. Steve Rogers went all in for war because it was ideologically sold to him in terms that made sense and that mattered. Because the U.S. was still able to make the argument that it was the country that he wanted it to be. And to say that Steve doesn’t know about Watergate and about Vietnam when all through the Avengers he keeps talking about his lost bearings—(“they didn’t say what we lost”/”I hope I’m the right guy for the job). No, he knows. Whether SHIELD told him up front or he had to ask about it or he went out and sat in the back of a city college classroom to listen to someone about Tony’s age tell him about the sacrifices of his generation that were nothing, from this distance, but the groundwork of the United States becoming the country he never wanted it to be—with the help, of course, of weapons manufacturers like Stark Industries (the weapon you only have to fire once—that’s how America does it.)
of course he knows.
Steve Rogers would have hated the war in Korea. Would have hated the war in Vietnam would have hated the war(s) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Would have wondered why the U.S. didn’t do more earlier to interfere in Bosnia, would have screamed until he couldn’t breathe over its lack of action in Rwanda. 
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Digital Baubles
Quick Guide to Marvel’s Female Solo Titles and 15 Female Lead Characters RIGHT NOW in August 2014.

Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel, Black Widow, She-Hulk, Storm, Electra, Angela, Gamora, Hawkeye, Medusa, Spectrum, Nico Minoru, Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Invisible Woman
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