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8 hours ago by lmcly
Iron Man is forever. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t | The Verge
But Marvel Studios is doing something unprecedented with its films: it's building a singular narrative, spanning decades of real-world production, comprised almost exclusively of blockbusters. Because every film is a summer tentpole, and they all tie into one another like chapters in an incredibly long novel. It isn't just the same cinematic universe; it's the same continuous story, replete with characters who all go out for shawarma together. That's how Chris Evans can pop up in Thor: The Dark World and the audience instinctively knows, hey, that's Steve Rogers! That's Captain America!

The current tally for Marvel's Cinematic Universe is 21 movies in all. That's 10 films already released, five more announced or in production, and six yet-to-be-announced films that already have release dates between now and 2019.

That's not to say recasting in a Marvel movie is without precedent. Hulk was a freebie — the first movie before the idea of a Cinematic Universe really took shape. And as for the War Machine (aka "Rhodey" Rhodes), Terrence Howard transformed into Don Cheadle without so much as a quip about a new haircut. But that, too, was very early in Marvel Studio's life, and the latter character wasn't a lead. It's telling that no star actors or actresses have been recast since.

Marvel Studios has made the actors' very image a brand. Rarely do any of its heroes wear masks. And while it can't recast a face, it can let a new character wear the symbol. Iron Man is a suit. Thor is just one of many Asgardians, male or female, currently worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. Nobody ever suggests Marvel would replace Steve Rogers — instead, they speculate which pre-existing characters might take up the shield when Chris Evans retires. People tally up how many movies each actor has left on his or her contract, speculating when the end truly is near — if not for the hero, at least for the person holding it at the moment.
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