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Saturday Webcomic: Trekker is an ass-kicking bounty hunter from our pulp retro future
New Gelaph is a city that has been abandoned by the future. Once the prospective home of a major spaceport, the city has lost its space industry and gotten instead streets filled with cultists, criminals, and corrupt cops. With no faith left in the system, Mercy St. Clair has become a Trekker, a licensed bounty hunter with the training, equipment, and drive to take down the government's most wanted. But Mercy isn't always certain that she's serving the right the side—or whether she wants more in her life than hauling in bodies.
1 minute ago by thx1138
Interview with comics writer-artist Simon Roy
Interview with comics writer-artist Simon Roy. By Ryan Ingram.
8 minutes ago by thx1138
Tiger Lung: It's GRRRRREAT!!
A thoughtful approach to a barbaric premise.
9 minutes ago by thx1138
Review: Oink: Heaven's Butcher — Comic Bastards
Oink: Heaven's Butcher is too serious to be considered satire, but too
scatter-brained to be a successful allegory. Every panel is beautifully
rendered, but outside of any one panel Oink leaves the reader wanting more.
16 hours ago by thx1138
Review | Marked Man • Comic Book Daily
Chaykin's latest crime drama takes us along a familiar route with some odd turns and unnecessary choices. To the casual observer, Mark LaFarge has it going on. He’s got a beautiful wife, cute kids, a McMansion in the South Bay . . . the guy is the living embodiment of the American dream. But nothing is ever as it
18 hours ago by thx1138
Two By Talbot reviewed by Rob Vollmar « The Comics Journal
The Comics Journal is a magazine that covers the comics medium from an arts-first perspective, and is one of the nation�s most respected single-arts magazines, providing its readers with an eclectic mix of industry news, commentary, professional interviews, classic comics sections and reviews of current work on a regular basis.
Comics  tcj 
19 hours ago by thx1138
Comic Highlights: The Adventures of Luther Arkwright – Comic Creators Project UK
Introduction The Comic Creators Project at the Cartoon Museum in London has original artwork from The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, a  limited series comic written and drawn by Bryan Talbot between 1978 and 1989. It was followed by a sequel called Heart of Empire: The Legacy of Luther Arkwright in 1995, which was published by Dark…
19 hours ago by thx1138
The Bronze Age Of Blogs: Harvey Kurtzman's Jungle Book
Now here's a book every comic fan should have a copy of. We all know how great Harvey Kurtzman was, not to mention how influential. What ar...
19 hours ago by thx1138
Swingin' Through the Slow Burner of Harvey Kurtzman's 'Jungle Book' - PopMatters
This story is about what happened in between Mad and Playboy. It's the story of how one time the great Harvey Kurtzman played a real slow burner.
19 hours ago by thx1138
Harvey Kurtzman’s Jungle Book — forgotten 50s classic re-issued in the quality format it deserves / Boing Boing
This new edition of the ill-fated paperback is fitting tribute to a talented, unlucky creative genius
boing  Comics 
19 hours ago by thx1138
The Strangest Pictures I Have Seen #11 « The Comics Journal
Phoebe Zeit-Geist is a parody of exploitative porno action comics that manages to be more exploitative, pornographic and action-packed than any of the material it sends up. You can feel O’Donoghue’s presence behind every page, one hand on a revolver and the other down his pants, still trying to decide whether or not he’s enjoying this ironically. Springer, for his part, realizes that the only way for an artist to play this material is totally straight, and he plays it to the hilt, rendering O’Donoghue’s bizarre flights of fancy in lush, dramatic black-and-white.... The whole thing gives the impression of O’Donoghue throwing the readers’ lascivious desires back in their faces: “You think you want pervy pictures, do you? I’ll show you perversion! How d’ya like them apples?” (Here, “apples” means “drawings of a naked woman in chains having dead beetles glued to her armpits in preparation for being set upon by a swarm of half-starved gila monsters.”) It’s a cruel, mocking rebuke to anyone who opened the magazine in search of Barbarella-style sexytime fun. But at the same time it is sexy, at least the way Springer draws it. It’s hard not to imagine that O’Donoghue was genuinely turned on by Phoebe’s adventures, or at least more than he would have been by a conventional softcore romp.
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22 hours ago by StJohnBosco
Why Adults Love Comic Books
A very brief comment on what motivates people’s love of comics.
comics  super_heroes  pop_culture 
yesterday by micahrobbins
Love & Rockets #5
Having been away from comics for well over a year doesn’t just mean abstaining from crap. I hadn’t seen an issue of the new volume of Love & Rockets, and truth be told am still behind on the last volume of New Stories. That needs to be said up front because it’s important to recognize that any issue of Love & Rockets taken in isolation is incomplete. I’ve read almost everything Los Bros have ever done but the saga at this point is so massive, and takes a significant time investment to get back up to speed, that I usually save up a few stories at a time. On their own and by design individual chapters rarely add up to much.
yesterday by paulgreer
Digital Comic Museum
The best site for downloading FREE public domain Golden Age comic books. Free file downloads, online comic viewer, plus a helpful, knowledgeable community.
yesterday by thx1138

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