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The Fies Files: A Fire Story
Cartoonist Brian Fies lost his house to the California fires and drew about the experience. Heavy insight. / via MeFi
fire  comic  personal 
5 days ago by glass
Dustin Comic Strip for October 15, 2017 | Comics Kingdom
The Dustin comic strip stars Dustin Kudlick, an undermotivated college grad who moves back in with his overachieving parents and teenage sister for “just a little while. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  comic  imago 
6 days ago by basecamp
State Borders
"If we're going to have a panhandle, why not commit to it?"
a:Randall-Munroe★★★  p:xkcd★★★  d:2017.10  comic  map  geography  USA  graphic-design  from twitter
6 days ago by bankbryan
Video Game Cheats 'n Beatums #15: Small Mario
"Oh mario thank you dogg for bustin me out. Real champ business."

"Why come all these small plumbers keep saving me?"
9 days ago by nathanwentworth

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