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december 2010 by JorgeAranda
EA teases Command & Conquer motion comic
Those of you who guessed "comic book" along with us when the Command & Conquer team hinted that their universe was headed to a "new medium" were still stuck in the past of 2009 -- here in 2010, comics move like video, and they're called "motion comics." Geez, get with the decade! EA's posted a teaser trailer for the C&C "motion comic," created in conjunction with Ape Entertainment, and almost literally, all it says is that Episode 1 is coming soon.

There's also a guy in a truck who wants to know the same thing we do: What he's doing here. Oh yeah, and can we know where "here," is, too, and what this has to do with the game? You can head after the break to watch the entire teaser for yourself. Just be sure not to blink.

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february 2010 by nluken

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