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OPINION: Why does the media still portray James Comey as a hero? | TheHill
If Comey did leak government property, a third issue was whether the information was considered classified. Once again, the classified status does not determine if this was a leak (it was) or if it was government information (it was). However, many experts insisted that the material was clearly unclassified.

Comey’s representation of the unclassified status struck me as highly questionable at the time. I noted that the information would have likely been classified on some level, including “confidential” under governing standards. Moreover, FBI employees are not given free license (or sole authority) to write things in an “unclassified fashion.” That is why there are classification reviews. Information coming out of meetings with the president are routinely classified, let alone information deemed material to pending investigations.
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12 days ago by astrogirl
Of course he does.

Like said he has "tapes" of his chats with ... (Update: he doesn't)
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29 days ago by ninthart
Collusion That Never Was; Obstruction That Never Was — What’s Next?
President Trump allegedly (we only have Comey’s claims to go on) told Comey that “Flynn was a good guy” and he (Trump) “hoped you could drop this”, referring specifically to the FBI investigation of the lie Flynn supposedly told about the nature of his meeting with a Russian ambassador. Comey testified he understood Trump’s comment to refer to that specific matter, not to the Russian investigation itself.
In any event, the remark did not affect the FBI’s investigation of Flynn in any way, and no investigator except Comey ever heard Trump’s remark.
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5 weeks ago by astrogirl
. Sorry Vlad, is pretty much at this point. I do know a guy who'll be interested i…
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5 weeks ago by corq
RT : : We are ready to provide political asylum to if there’s some kind of prosecution in the US…
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5 weeks ago by kcarruthers
Mueller Seeks to Talk to Intelligence Officials, Hinting at Inquiry of Trump -
The last paragraph here. It's going to be simple corruption. They don't care about politics or policy, they're in this for the money.
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5 weeks ago by jcretan
Jay Sekulow: Comey Committed a Federal Crime
"Here's the real issue," he continued. "The contents of that memo, the substance of it, anyways, was already reported in the New York Times the day before the president tweeted anything. And then, Sean, he goes under oath and says 'I did this to get a special counsel' -- which, by the way, is impaneled the next day!"

"Outrageous!" Sean cried.

"No, no. It's more than outrageous," Sekulow replied. "It's a crime."

He said that any FBI agent who leaked a memo like that to the media would go to jail.

Gregg Jarrett, a Fox News host and attorney, also argued that Comey is in legal jeopardy because the memos were government property.

"Comey said these were his personal documents. No, they're not!" Jarrett exclaimed. "They're government property. Just read the Federal Records Act and the Record Management Act and the Privacy Act -- which is actually published on the FBI website."

Jarrett said Code 641 "makes it a crime to convert government property and convey it to somebody else. That's punishable by ten years behind bars." He added that "in addition to that, he signed a non-disclosure agreement that said, 'I will not disclose records or raw data.' Well, he did precisely that."
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5 weeks ago by astrogirl
The Endless List Of Sins Committed By J. Edgar Comey | Daily Wire
Through his attorney, President Trump is outright accusing Comey of perjury. Trump claims he never asked Comey for his loyalty. And this is not going to go away.

Moreover, under oath, Comey claimed that a tweet from President Trump prompted him to leak his notes to The New York Times. However, the tweet in question came days AFTER The Times began reporting on the contents of Comey's notes.

And here is the worst one. Without getting bogged down into the reasons why Comey felt this was worth committing perjury over, Comey claimed he was unaware of a "memorandum issued from the attorney general or the Department of Justice to the FBI, outlining the parameters of his recusal," per the Department of Justice, however, that was a bald-faced lie and they have the smoking gun in the form of an email sent to Comey (that he read) outlining exactly that.
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5 weeks ago by astrogirl
Were James Comey’s leaks lawful? - The Washington Post
Why is leaking protected? First, absent a specific legal prohibition, government employees have a constitutional right to speak out on matters of public concern. This right was recognized by the Supreme Court in 1968 and is unchallenged today.
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6 weeks ago by tedder42
James Comey's 'Shock and Awe' Testimony - The Atlantic
Comey’s testimony delivered a “shock and awe” campaign, FBI-style: calm, cautious, and candid, at once stoic and relatable. It was as though Comey were trying to reach through our television sets and shake the body politic into our collective senses.
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6 weeks ago by tedder42
Comey’s ‘truth’ crusade is really an anti-Trump one | New York Post
For example, in his prepared remarks, Comey said Trump made a “request” that he drop the Flynn probe and quoted the president saying “I hope you can let this go.”

But in Comey’s answers to senators’ questions, Trump’s request became “an order,” with Comey saying, “I took it as a direction.”

When a senator asked if he considered language like “I hope” as a presidential directive, Comey likened himself to a player in a medieval martyr drama, saying, “Yes, it kind of rings in my ears as, ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?’ ”

Those are supposedly the words an English king used in 1170 about the Archbishop of Canterbury. Soon, knights loyal to the king murdered Thomas Becket.

This is beyond theatrics. Comey’s claim that he was ordered to end the Flynn probe is the heart of the case that Trump obstructed justice.

Yet it’s a stretch for several reasons. First, Comey testified as head of the FBI on May 3, long after his key meetings with Trump, that he was never asked to end an investigation for political reasons, saying, “It’s not happened in my experience.” Now fired, he’s changed his tune.
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6 weeks ago by astrogirl
seems you have a conflict. Please recuse yourself.
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