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Ellen Cleghorne on Saturday Night Live’s race problem and her trailblazing past.
“Performance studies taught me to look at something and see one thing in everything,” Cleghorne says. “That gives you an opportunity, as there’s a never-ending amount of things you can write about, or write a sketch about. We’re all in resistance to something, and that’s what comedy is.”
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BBC - BBC Studios celebrates 40 years of the Radio Comedy Writer’s Bursary and announces new recipients - Media Centre
BBC Studios is celebrating 40 years of The Radio Comedy Writer’s Bursary, which gives two new writers each year the chance to secure a contract to write for a year across a variety of audio comedy shows.
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Joel Kim Booster at RISK
“What happened next was amazing.” — BuzzFeed

And the treaty signed in the 60’s.
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No Such Thing As A Fish
Weekly funny facts from the creators of QI.
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Every Little Thing He Does (is magic)
Jonny Toews is a bewitching man who moves into a mysterious mansion in a small town. Soon, he opens Bell, Book & Candle, a curiosity shop full of candles, lotions, etc., and is enthralling the children of local police chief (Patrick Kane), who believe he is a witch (but not a bad one.) But not everyone in town is appreciative of their quirky new neighbor, and it may take a little bit of magic for him to truly become part of the community.
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