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‘Yoga 101’ Pure Yoga Comedy Gold
Five short videos (2 to 3 min) of humorous aspects of "modern" yoga, as performed by a professional comedian; 2018-May-23.
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yesterday by amoore
Kate McKinnon Is Comedy's Not-So-Secret Weapon | GQ
She is SNL’s resident pop genius, a performer who can make Hillary Clinton seem warm and vulnerable and Jeff Sessions seem (almost) relatable. GQ goes behind the scenes to see the sketch-comedy master in her element.
2 days ago by jorgebarba
Lili Loofbourow: Tina Fey Doesn’t Need David Letterman’s Approval (Slate)
Tina Fey and Rachel Bloom are changing the way female comics engaged with male gatekeepers.


That might be what’s most remarkable about these interviews: Despite their candor, these female comics aren’t cold or unavailable or uninteresting. They’re almost actively carving out a “third way”: not playing along and not charging toward confrontation. That doesn’t mean they withhold the kinds of intimate disclosures that make conversations like these worthwhile: Fey breaks down talking about her father, and Bloom is frank about her fears of becoming a parent. But both firmly decline to participate in the standard insider dynamic. The takeaway, for those tuning in, is that these conversations aren’t about showcasing the camaraderie of those onstage or behind the mic. Rather than affirm her links to Letterman against an audience that doesn’t “get” her sketch, Fey talks to them—and shows she’s listening, and that her frame of reference is bigger than the usual club of two.

3 days ago by matthewmcvickar
Anthony Jeselnik on Thoughts and Prayers and Making College Kids Laugh :: Comedy :: Features :: Paste
In many ways, Anthony Jeselnik’s third stand-up special Thoughts and Prayers is what we’ve come to expect from this comic: over-the-top one liners about sexual deviancy, baby killing, and other equally wonderfully NSFW subject matter, all delivered with the winning smile and his devilish charm.
But for the last quarter of this hour-long Netflix release, the 36-year-old former Jimmy Fallon writer and superstar of Comedy Central’s Roast of Donald Trump lets down the veil just a smidge. He talks in depth about the trouble he got into for a joke he tweeted in the wake of Boston Marathon bombing and for a segment on his former TV show, The Jeselnik Offensive, poking fun at a New Zealand man who was killed by a shark. The whole segment of the special would be almost poignant if he didn’t use it too to vent about the world’s oversensitivity and to mock a certain island nation.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
ANTHONY JESELNIK: THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS (2015) - Full Transcript - Scraps from the loft
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, San Francisco. Thank you so much. So good to be here. People were surprised when I told ’em I was gonna tape my special in San Francisco. Said, “Why would you do that? That’s the most politically correct city in the world.” Not when I’m on stage, it’s not.
I love this place. One of my favorite cities to perform in. It’s a good place to hang out. Got to walk around a little bit today. Saw a baby. Saw a baby locked inside the back of a hot car. So it’s been a great day. Love that. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a monster. I tried to help the baby. Tried to throw a rock through the window. Window was down. Ruined that baby’s whole weekend. It was worth it.
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3 days ago by rgl7194
What do you want to learn?
The author goes from Gary Shandling, to George Carlin, to Picasso.

So if you do anything and become celebrated for it, people will send you more of that. And for the rest of your life, quite possibly, you will have that characteristic, people will continue to ask you for what you have already done and succeeded at. This is the way to professional accomplishment–you have to demonstrate that you know something unique that you can repeat over and over and over until ultimately you lose interest in it. The consequence of specialization and success is that it hurts you. It hurts you because it basically doesn’t aid in your development.

The truth of the matter is that understanding development comes from failure.
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4 days ago by jefframnani

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