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'Girls' Star Lena Dunham And Patrick Wilson: Haters, Your Confusion About Attraction Is Amusing | HuffPost
When I read this idiotic exchange, maybe I was too tired to be angry, or maybe, a season and a half into “Girls,” I’m just used to Internet clowns confusedly throwing their poop around. I guess I also feel a little sorry for the authors of that commentary, and others who reacted with similar cheesed-off bafflement. Have they been so brainwashed by mainstream porn and the media conglomerates that control most television networks and movies studios that they can only appreciate a certain kind of body? Have they led such sheltered lives that they think that the handsome jock only wants to date the prom queen?
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Online Class of 41,000 Students Collapses Under Its Own Ridiculousness
In case you missed our drubbing of Massively Open Online Courses, the world performed its own takedown, as an online class of 41,000 students about the planning of online classes just went fully haywire and was shutdown. I laughed!
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