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may 2018 by mxa_news
Behind every great man (COMPLETE)

Merlin stretches Arthur with peanut butter and fucks him/stuffs him with banana and then rims/eats him out. And then he fucks him too.

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july 2013 by mxa_news
Dream Things True
somnophilia, fingering Merlin is completely obsessed with Arthur's bum, and can't help but sneaking into Arthur's bed at night, spoon with him and finger him, very gently (I would prefer if he doesn't use magic or Gaius' date-rape drugs, but just relies on Arthur being a heavy sleeper). Arthur notices, but loves it so much he pretends to be asleep, since it gives him an opportunity to be passive and doted upon, rather than being active and getting performance anxieties. I would love if it got to the point where Merlin fingers him open and lovingly inserts the tip of his cock into Arthur, without moving, and Arthur pushes back into him and coaxes Merlin to fuck him (slowly and sweetly), all the while pretending to be asleep.

Warnings: Somnophilia, dubcon, unreliable narrator
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march 2013 by mxa_news
Arthur/Merlin Docking with a twist:
One of the boys has a tiny cock and is possibly circumcised, the other is very well endowed. They put their cocks together, the boy with the large one pulls his foreskin over both of their cockheads, and pulls them both off. I want really sweet porn fluff, where they both love what they're doing and there are lots of emotions involved, like the large one is embracing the tiny one and taking care of it or something. No humiliation, please! I just happen to like my size kink without it.

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march 2013 by mxa_news
Cream-filled bun
Merlin/Other, where other can be Arthur or the Knights or anyone really, during and allusions to mpreg. Merlin is a during who is regularly filled and plugged to keep the gum inside. Soon his belly starts to distend making him look pregnant. Whether he enjoys this or not is up to author!anon but would prefer a somewhat longer fill.
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july 2012 by mxa_news
Loki/Natasha: pegging/anal play & mild D/s (sub!Loki)
They're in some big comfy bed. Natasha rides Loki's face and cock until she comes, but he doesn't get his turn...yet. Instead, she flips him face-down and gets to work on his ass, fucking him with a strap-on.

She brings out the less evil, more vulnerable Loki (like he was in Thor before SHIT GOT REAL). He gets lost in the incredible sensations of giving over control to her. She's gentle but firm, pulling his hair, commanding him in her cool, soft voice.

Writer, I will heart you forever if this ends with them moving to missionary and both of them stroking his cock together while she fucks his ass, until he comes in a huge mess all over his own stomach and chest. (bonus if she dips her fingers in it and he obediently licks them clean.)

No clue how this prompt came from my brain, but it did and I need a big sexy fill like burning.
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may 2012 by avengerkink
For the Good of All
Arthur/Lancelot, Arthur/Leon, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Others

Canon AU. To bring fortune upon the realm, a ritual Conquest is held. This year, Prince Arthur serves as the holy vessel, submitting to dozens of warriors who fill him with seed.

Or: The one with the gratuitous gangbang.

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february 2012 by mxa_news
Steve/Tony, Tony is a spermpire
Yeaaah, I said it. Tony gets turned into a spermpire (read: like a vampire only they need sperm instead of blood). He tries to keep it a secret but somehow the team finds out (shenanigans assemble!) and Cap (sincerely, because it's Cap and he does things like that) pulls him aside privately and offers his "services" if Tony should ever need them. (Cap's a worrier, bless 'im.)

Bonus points if it happens not too long after that scene in the trailer ("big man in a suit of armor") so Tony thinks Steve's being an asshole at first.

(yes this is just an excuse to get someone to write copius amounts of blowjob and come eating fic and also aaaaaangst and lulz)  #unfilled  #prompt  (slash)  $au  §round:001  |  |tony.stark  *steve/tony 
november 2011 by avengerkink

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