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diegohaz/reuse: ♻️ Reuse React components to create new ones
♻️ Reuse React components to create new ones. Contribute to diegohaz/reuse development by creating an account on GitHub.
react  components  combine  compose 
november 2018 by jppferguson
combineSagas utility funciton · Issue #171 · redux-saga/redux-saga
At the moment we have to do something like export default function* root() { yield [ fork(saga1), fork(saga2), fork(saga3), fork(saga4) ]; } Would be great to have combineSagas just like redux's combineReducers. Use it like export defaul...
saga  combine  redux 
august 2018 by blurback
git-stitch-repo - Stitch several git repositories into a git fast-import stream -
» git-stitch-repo - Stitch several git repositories into a git fast-import stream -
git  combine  many  repo  preserve  history  merge 
august 2018 by noahsussman

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