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Jen Simmons: Revolutionize your page: Real art direction on the web - YouTube
Interesting insights about Instapaper, reader mode, intelligent digital assistants using pages without the designers' CSS--and there being no stats for that.
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22 days ago by kme
‘Watership Down’ and the Crisis of Liberalism
I’m writing about “Watership Down” because I’m reading Richard Adams’s 1972 novel to my daughters, and in that reading I’ve decided that the book has real relevance to the crisis of the liberal order in the Western world.I find that many educated people who pride themselves on being cultural completists (whether that means the whole of Shakespeare or the entirety of Harry Potter) haven’t read the book, and indeed have a mild allergy to the idea: Perhaps because they assume it’s just too childish, too Beatrix Potter or Brambly Hedge, or perhaps because they’ve seen a snatch of one of the adaptations and can’t quite take seriously rabbits arguing with one another in actorly English accents.To these doubters I offer varying suggestions. The anthropologically inclined can approach the book as a portrait of a lost hominid subspecies, complete with its own mythology and linguistic tics, and gradually accustom themselves to the references to hind legs, ears and burrows. The religious can just approach it as an extended parable. The ecologically minded can come for the very English style of environmentalism, the lyrical depiction of the natural world, the evocation of nature’s harsh harmonies and the dissonant cruelty of humankind.But really the reader should just come for an exercise in epic storytelling — Odyssean adventure and Aeneidan dramaturgy — that exceeds most modern imitations of the classics.No reader of “Watership Down,” and few readers of the literary and political traditions on which its narrative depends, would accept that totalitarianism and decadence exhaust the available political alternatives. Indeed the novel is compelling precisely because its new-founded warren, its good regime, is remarkable yet also homely, its founders heroic and also ordinary, with nothing utopian or superhuman or impossible about them.The ultimate political teaching of Adams’s deeply political epic, then, is an unfashionable optimism about the ends of politics — in which the genuinely good society, the well-ordered regime, is not a utopia but a live possibility, a hard thing to find but one worth going out to seek. Which is a timeless message, but for our era a timely one, for those with ears — long or short — to hear.
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28 days ago by thomas.kochi
How to Build Square Wood Columns
How to Build Square Wood Columns
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4 weeks ago by kilroy2
4 Major Benefits Of Mobile Column Lifts
Shop owners and managers all over the country are investing in mobile column lifts for various reasons, including to expand their business and increase their services. Learn about four major benefits of mobile column lifts:
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august 2019 by Adventure_Web
Multi-column manipulation
Despite predating both Grid and Flexbox, Multi-column Layout represents—at least to me—an even more radical departure from the way we normally do and think about CSS layout. Dividing just one element into a multi-column representation of its contents feels weird, heretical even.
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july 2019 by spaceninja

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