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Offshore wind getting its sea legs in New Hampshire - New Hampshire Business Review - March 29 2019
After years of advocacy and growing citizen engagement, New Hampshire’s clean energy industry finally has the wind at its back.
NHBR  column  offshorewind 
15 days ago by eversourcenh
Recreating the First Web Browser at CERN
In a small room in CERN’s Data Center, an international group of nine developers is taking a plunge back in time to the beginnings of the World Wide Web.
THOTW  History  Web  Column 
4 weeks ago by jayhoffmann
The Poor Can’t Afford Not to Wear Nice Clothes
I learned, watching my mother, that there was a price we had to pay to signal to gatekeepers that we were worthy of engaging. It meant dressing well and speaking well.
6 weeks ago by jayhoffmann
NH Voices: Craig Stevens -- Last week's cold underscores our infrastructure woes | Columnists |
IN THE MIDST OF one of the most severe polar vortexes in over two decades, schools across the Midwest last week resorted to closing, businesses shuttered and forecasters even warned those who had to leave their homes to ‘minimize talking’ outdoors.
UnionLeader  column  cold  fuelsecurity 
6 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Forget privacy: you're terrible at targeting anyway
I don't mind letting your programs see my private data as long as I get something useful in exchange. But that's not what happens. A former co-worker told me once: "Everyone loves collecting data, but nobody loves analyzing it later.
TechScene  Column 
6 weeks ago by jayhoffmann

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