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Hex-Farbcode-Schemas, Farben, Farbpaletten, passende Lackfarben, CMYK, RGB
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7 days ago by pacifico
Colour Management | Neil Barstow
Colour management is a process which enables users to better control image appearance, able to free users from the drudgery and stress of dealing with visual inconsistency in the imaging chain which can affect digital capture, display screens & printers as well as disappointing clients. I can help YOU with that.

Inconsistency can even get in the way of signing off on completed commissions. Continuity of appearance across various devices and media is the goal of good colour management.

25 years in advertising photography led me into a career as a colour management specialist. I first came across issues in the digital workflow when solving my own print problems, eventually working on this in collaboration with Pixl in Denmark. Now my scope of work has expanded to cover the whole colour management area.

Over the years I've worked with a wide range of those involved in digital imaging; from professional photographers, offset printers, artists, designers to students, beginners and retired hobbyists.
I have worked extensively with Christie's the Art auctioneers, helping to implement an end to end process to control colour, from image acquisition by digital or film and scan - via retouch and proof all the way to the offset press producing the catalogues.
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november 2018 by abetancort
Colour management, part 3
“Just in case you missed it: We published the final article in our colour management trilogy. It covers the settings needed for Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer and more. Lots of work and research went into this.”
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march 2018 by handcoding
Colour management, part 2
Previously, we discussed how colour spaces are similar to units of measurement. While “50” has no absolute physical characteristic, “50cm” does. Combining a value and a unit of measurement gives it more meaning, and removes ambiguity. Colour spaces are a bit more complex than units of length, but the analogy can be used to understand many aspects of colour management.
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march 2018 by pixel
Colour management, part 1
If someone asked you to build a coffee table and they specified the legs as a height of 50, what do you think that would mean? 50 kilometres? 50 feet? 50 inches? 50 millimetres? Probably 50 centimetres. You can’t know for sure, but you can guess, based on the table’s intended use — 50 kilometres, 50 feet, and 50 inches are way too big for a coffee table, and 50 millimetres is way too small.
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march 2018 by pixel
WordPress den Umgang mit Farbprofilen für Fotos beibringen | c't Magazin
Auf farbkräftigen Monitoren fällt es besonders auf: WordPress zeigt einige Fotos mit falschen Farben, und zwar manche zu blass, andere zu bunt. Reparieren lässt sich das mit einem Plug-in.
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november 2017 by torben
ICC-Profile verbessern die Farbwiedergabe von Fotodruckern
Das Farbmanagement von Windows sorgt dafür, dass die auf dem kalibrierten Bildschirm dargestellten Farben auch so auf dem Foto-Ausdruck landen. Dazu nutzt es zu Drucker und Papier passende Umrechnungstabellen in Form von ICC-Profilen. Solche Profile lassen sich auch bei Dienstleistern erstellen und selbst installieren.
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september 2017 by torben
Colour Confidence >
Colour Confidence Learning Centre
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may 2017 by DawMatt

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