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Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7:
Microsoft has a Control Panel Applet that emulates some of the functionality of Apple's ColorSync utility. It allows easy installation and removal of profiles, editing of internal and external names, viewing 3-D gamut plots, comparing two different profiles, and much more.
If you do not use the Color Applet, the easiest way to install a profile in Windows XP is to right click on the profile in Windows Explorer and select "install profile". Windows copies the profile to the correct directory automatically.
Important note: If you are replacing a profile in Windows XP, the above shortcut does not work. The profiles must be manually copied to the correct directory for the original profile to be replaced.
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april 2014 by bwiese
Photoshop Epson ColorSync WorkFlow Color Management
Use PDI_Target_AdobeRGB.jpg to evaluate the monitor profile in Photoshop and workflow settings.

• If Photoshop displays this AdobeRGB.jpg file with natural skintones and neutral grays, the monitor profile is at least okay.

• Used properly, this file can confirm a good workflow, and help troubleshoot a bad one.
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august 2008 by thegirlingrey

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