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Twilight crepuscular rays and silhouetted great horned owl.
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6 days ago by jcoffey42
Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Yurts
Colorado State Parks offers a variety of yurts designed to accommodate the casual camper or backcountry traveler. Yurts are available year-round.
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10 days ago by soto97
Wrapping up weekend, and an attendee from pulled me aside and said, “last year I went to my first p…
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12 days ago by kaitlen
US police detain black man picking up rubbish outside home - BBC News
Police in the US state of Colorado have launched an internal probe after an officer detained a black man holding a rubbish picker in front of his building, US reports say.

Footage showed the man asking an officer why he had drawn his gun.

"I don't have a weapon! This is a bucket! This is a clamp!" he says in the video taken by a neighbour.

Police in Boulder said an officer had called for back up as the man was "unwilling to put down a blunt object".

Several more officers attended the scene before they determined that the man had a legal right to be on the property and took no further action, a police statement said.
legal  police  politics  colorado 
15 days ago by jtyost2
Control of Annual Grassy Weeds in Lawns - 3.101 - ExtensionExtension
There are several approaches to consider in the management of annual grasses in the home lawn, involving both cultural (non-herbicidal) techniques and the possible use of herbicides.
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16 days ago by devnulled
Ex-Colorado governor John Hickenlooper runs for president
Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper has announced his 2020 presidential bid. The Democrat made the statement in a tweet, saying the country was "in…
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18 days ago by jtyost2
RT : I am proud to be ’s first lawmaker. I am also a 💁🏾‍♀️. I believe fully that we mu…
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26 days ago by brchastain

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