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Switch font color for different backgrounds with CSS
They faced a challenge: automatically adjusting the font color based on the selected background color of the container. If the background is dark, then it would be ideal to have a white text to keep it WCAG contrast compliant. But what happens if a light background color is selected instead? The text is both illegible and fails accessibility. They solved it with JavaScript. Here’s my pure CSS alternative.
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yesterday by spaceninja
Review: JIAWEN Philips Hue Color Compatible Bulb for $30 USD or less - YouTube
JIAWEN Philips Hue Color Compatible Bulb for $30 USD or less
JIAWEN  Philips  Hue  Color  Compatible  Bulb  led  light  for  $30  USD  or  less  1st 
yesterday by kilroy2
Switch font color for different backgrounds with CSS | CSS-Tricks
Ever get one of those, "I can do that with CSS!" moments while watching someone flex their JavaScript muscles? That’s exactly the feeling I got while
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2 days ago by torstenbergler
End of the Rainbow? New Map Scale is More Readable by People Who Are Color Blind - Scientific American
“By mathematically optimizing their scale to be perceptually consistent among people who are color blind and those with normal color vision, Nuñez and Renslow avoided another major pitfall of the rainbow color scheme: With cividis, the perceived change in hue and luminance matches the actual change in the data.”
colorblindness  color  scientificamerican  2018 
2 days ago by handcoding

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