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Luiz Stockler - Dribbble
Animation Director from Brazil, based in London. RCA Alumni & blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and (very) amateur skateboarder. Left-handed
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12 hours ago by secicl
Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind
By getting DOM and focus order right and by caring about high contrast and generally by designing with accessibility in mind, you’re already doing a great job. If you put a little more accessibility consideration in every new page or site you’re making, you’re making the web a better place.
fridayfrontend  css  accessibility  focus  order  color  contrast  typography 
16 hours ago by spaceninja
A simple color picker.
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23 hours ago by cmagnuson
ColorSpace - Color Palettes Generator and Color Gradient Tool
Here you can find the perfect matching color scheme for your next project! Generate nice color palettes, color gradients and much more! Your space for everything that has to do with color!
yesterday by alivelee
I Shot Macro Photos That Capture the Beauty of Peacock Feathers
My name is Can Tunçer. I’m a photographer living in Turkey, and I have been shooting macro photographs for about 7 years now. As someone who likes to photograph the tiny details of nature, I recently chose the peacock feather as a subject and started a special project on it.
The peacock feather has a beauty that is worth examining closely. The feathers, which are notable for their color and metallic structure, are among the many often unseen beauties of nature.
For this project, I used the Canon 6D as my main camera and a Yongnuo YN560 III flash and two IKEA Jansjö work lamps for lighting.
animals  color  photography  nature 
yesterday by rgl7194
Statistics on flag colors

"what's the least common colour used on web pages?"

"digging into this a little reveals no real answers, but did turn up this lovely page on colours in flags: " ]
flags  color  data  statistics  webdev 
yesterday by robertogreco

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