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Invite the Tabby Two Doors Down
Jasper keeps trying to put a limit on how many cats they are allowed to have, but Monty has a thing for the guy who works at the animal shelter and Clarke doesn't really listen to Jasper anyway, so it's not going very well for him.
series:the-100  au:modern  day  au:cats  catlady!monty  catlady!clarke  catlady!bellamy  catlady!miller  pairing:monty/miller  pairing:clarke/bellamy  character:monty-green  character:nathan-miller  character:jasper-jordan  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  genre:humor  RECOMMENDATIONS  wordcount:1k-5k  fic:i've-had-a-really-nice-time-but-my-dogs-need-to-be-fed  college-fic  au:college 
september 2015 by frannie_pants
How You Get the Girl
The first time Clarke hooks up with Bellamy, it's because of her stupid genetics class, and then it just keeps happening.
series:the-100  pairing:clarke/bellamy  college-fic  au:college  au:modern  day  au:friends  with  benefits  au:best-friends  rating:R  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  character:raven-reyes  wordcount:1k-5k 
september 2015 by frannie_pants
Legally blonde bellarke AU with Finn breaking up with Clarke and Clarke going to law school to help only to meet a hot TA and make awesome new friends.
series:the-100  pairing:clarke/bellamy  au:college  college-fic  au:modern  day  au:legally  blonde  drabble  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  character:finn-collins 
september 2015 by frannie_pants
What Team?
I was sort of inspired by the tumblr AU prompt “i run the night slot on campus radio and some jackass keeps calling in to insult my music taste and request high school musical songs instead,” but I forgot about the insulting musical taste part, so this is really just a lot of Bellamy Blake ranting about High School Musical 2.
series:the-100  pairing:clarke/bellamy  college-fic  au:college  au:modern  day  au:bellamy  is  obsessed  with  high  school  musical  radio!clarke  barista!bellamy  wordcount:1k-5k  barista!miller  radio!raven  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  character:nathan-miller  first-meeting  first-date  genre:humor  RECOMMENDATIONS 
april 2015 by frannie_pants
You Can't Shake Me
Somehow Bellamy had chosen the library desk directly across from the beautiful blonde who made his pulse race. He ended up studying her just as much as he did his books. Clarke kept sneaking glances at the dark haired, handsome boy with the lonely eyes as she passed his desk on a snack break. She took far too many of those breaks.
series:the-100  pairing:clarke/bellamy  pairing:raven/wick  college-fic  au:college  au:modern  day  wordcount:1k-5k  first-kiss  first-meeting  character:bellamy-blake  character:clarke-griffin  character:raven-reyes 
april 2015 by frannie_pants
She Who Dares
prompt: Bellamy is a stripper and Clarke has her 22nd birthday at his strip club. possibly including: dollar bills being tossed around carelessly, lap dances, general bellarke-esque sexual tension and teasing (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
series:the-100  college-fic  pairing:clarke/bellamy  rating:NC-17  stripper!bellamy  au:college  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  character:raven-reyes  character:octavia-blake  wordcount:1k-5k 
march 2015 by frannie_pants
Rely a Bit Too Heavily On Alcohol and Irony
The first time Bellamy Blake meets Clarke Griffin, she's making out with a very tall, very hot girl, so he marks her as off-limits. Which is good, because he's not supposed to be into his sister's friends anyway.
series:the-100  pairing:clarke/bellamy  clarke's-bisexuality-is-not-ignored  bi!clarke  character:clarke-griffin  character:bellamy-blake  character:octavia-blake  bartender!bellamy  college-fic  au:college  RECOMMENDATIONS  wordcount:1k-5k  au:modern  day  pairing:octavia/lincoln  first-kiss 
march 2015 by frannie_pants
the biscuit principle
She had cheddar bay biscuits in her purse. Biscuits, Id and cash. I’m gonna marry her.
series:the-100  college-fic  au:college  character:monty-green  character:clarke-griffin  drabble  au:modern  day 
march 2015 by frannie_pants

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