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Friday Black — Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
"These stories tackle urgent instances of racism and cultural unrest, and explore the many ways we fight for humanity in an unforgiving world. In “The Finkelstein Five,” Adjei-Brenyah gives us an unforgettable reckoning of the brutal prejudice of our justice system. In “Zimmer Land,” we see a far-too-easy-to-believe imagining of racism as sport. And “Friday Black” and “How to Sell a Jacket as Told by Ice King” show the horrors of consumerism and the toll it takes on us all."
collection  anthology  shortstories  racism  culture  Adjei-Brenyah 
18 hours ago by danhon
VIKUS Viewer: Explore cultural collections along time, texture and themes
VIKUS Viewer is an advanced web-based visualization system that arranges thousands of cultural artifacts on a dynamic canvas and supports the exploration of thematic and temporal patterns of large collections, while providing rapid access to high-resolution imagery.

museum  collection  visualization  web-application  online 
yesterday by hschilling
: more than 1000 shots of plastic spacekits, plenty of designs and shapes for the !
space  COLLECTION  inspiration  from twitter_favs
yesterday by adrahon
Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit - Google Docs
"Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit" — aimed at journalists, but also of interest to research folk
reference  collection  journalist  online  investigation  toolkit  user  research 
2 days ago by adrianh
Array - 30 seconds of code
Curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
javascript  programming  tutorial  web  dev  collection 
4 days ago by dharma

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