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Visualising the Royal Photographic Society collection • V&A Blog
At the V&A, I’m sitting in with Digital Media and have been working with the (partly-)digitised Royal Photographic Society (RPS) collection. The RPS collection showcases the history of the art of photography, and includes over 270,000 photographs. The photographs are of varying forms (small and large prints, glass slides etc.) and were made using a range of techniques, including early experiments in the development of photographic technology. It’s a diverse collection including photographs made by important early pioneers as well as plentiful, widely-produced types.
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A PEOPLE'S ARCHIVE OF SINKING AND MELTING is a growing collection of items contributed from places that may disappear owing to the combined physical, political, and economic impacts of climate change, including glacial melting, sea level rise, coastal erosion, and desertification.
Through common but differentiated collections, contributed materials together form an archive of the future anterior; what will have been. A contribution doesn't have to originate from a location - it can be anything that happens to be there, including detritus, flotsam or jetsam.
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A Laravel Package that extends Eloquent\Collection to handle nested items following adjacency list model.

A Laravel Package that extends Eloquent\Collection to handle nested items following adjacency list model.

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Ecommerce University | Sort "All Products" collection by product type - Shopify Design
An example of how to sort all products in a collection array, by a certain attribute. For example, if you wanted to sort by the dates that products were published at you could use this attribute: 'published_at'. Note, that you have no option by which to sort, so it's always ascending. So if you want descending then you need to pass the '| reverse' array filter.
shopify  ecommerce  university  forum  howto  example  sort  products  in  collection  by  certain  attribute  liquid  theme  development  guide  reference 
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A curated list of amazingly awesome Home Assistant resources. Awesome Home Assistant is a curated list of awesome Home Assistant resources. Additional software, tutorials, custom components, Hassio add-ons, custom Lovelace panels, cookbooks, example setups, and much more.
A curated list of amazingly awesome Home Assistant resources. Awesome Home Assistant is a curated list of awesome Home Assistant resources. Additional software, tutorials, custom components, Hassio add-ons, custom Lovelace panels, cookbooks, example setups, and much more.
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An updated list of public BitTorrent trackers An updated list of public BitTorrent trackers
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Searching, Browsing, and Filtering Open Access Content in Digital Collections
How are GLAM (Gallery, Library, Archive, and Museum) institutions building the ability to search, browse, and filter the growing pool of open access content in digital collections? In this paper, we can review the practices of four institutions and aggregators.
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Brand New
Opinions on corporate and brand identity work.
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AI and Museum Collections. – Adam Moriarty – Medium
These 2,000 images were processed with an average confidence score of around 60%. We were able to take all those with a high score (i.e. >60%) and import them directly into our source system. I added a classification identifying these as auto-created records for administrative transparency.
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5 days ago by stacker
Using the Hive Mind: WikiData Integration and Artist Pages
As well as this internal information, you may see an option on some pages to view biographical information from two external sources — Wikipedia and the Getty’s Union List of Artist Names. This information is pulled in to our site dynamically, thanks to the magic of Linked Open Data. This use of information outside of the organisation’s control marked a drastic change in thought for the galleries, and there was a lot to consider before we decided to go down this particular path.
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