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Hot Wheels id is hitting Amazon and HWC in a big way today. – theLamleyGroup
Let’s just start with the link:
Hot Wheels ID on Amazon
Go there and check it out and learn for yourself. Hot Wheels id is now available on Amazon, and that includes a new batch of models. Follow the link and you will see the models available under “Premium Vehicles”.
I’ll have a showcase up soon with these models, but you can get the GT-R, Camaro, Tesla, and Pagani on Amazon now. The Batmobile is listed but showing unavailable at this point, and the Miura? It’s on HWC:
Hot Wheels ID Bundles at HWC
HWC is now selling id Bundles, and it looks like the Miura is there, ready for the collectors to grab. And the portal is available both at Amazon and HWC.
More to come.
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yesterday by rgl7194
Collectors Are Shelling Out $395 for Bear Stearns Stock Certificates - Bloomberg
“There are a lot of people who collect fraud, just like a lot of African Americans collect slavery documents, a lot of Jewish people collect anti-Semitic material,” says Chris LaBarre, who runs George H. LaBarre Galleries in New Hampshire with his father, George. “That’s just the way the collectible world works.”
collecting  finance  shares  lehman 
7 days ago by yorksranter
Why am I even doing this? Hot Wheels Bugatti Chiron vs Veyron – theLamleyGroup
Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s Father. Bruce Willis is actually dead. Tyler Durden and Brad Pitt are the same person. I am Keyser Soze. The Hot Wheels Chiron is better than the Hot Wheels Veyron.
Sorry to give the ending away before I even start, but I didn’t want to totally pull the rug out from under you.
But we are going to do full in-depth comparison of the Chiron, produced by Hot Wheels in 2019 and releasing just now in the N Case, with the Veyron, which was introduced in 2004 and retired 6 years later. We will discuss every angle, compare the craftsmanship and approach of each, and use a scientifically proven method to weigh the pros and cons to come up with a clear winner.
Let’s start this arduous and detail-driven comparison with a side-by-side photo...
cars  hot_wheels  bugatti  comparo  collecting 
8 days ago by rgl7194
Bugatti makes its triumphant return to Hot Wheels with the brilliant Chiron. – theLamleyGroup
It doesn’t disappoint. The new Hot Wheels Bugatti Chiron is in hand and truly spectacular.
The Chiron was undoubtedly going to cause a frenzy when it was first unveiled by Ryu Asada and the Hot Wheels Design Team. A Bugatti is a big deal in all aspects, large or small. The king of hypercars has obviously graced the Hot Wheels pegs before, 10-15 years ago when the Veyron hung and hung and hung on the pegs.
But times change. The subpar Veyron casting was mercifully retired 10 years ago and then took on a life of its own, going from perennial pegwarmer to a must-have for so many, and prices skyrocketed. I took mine from the loose car dump bin in the storage unit and put them in storage cases, treating the Walmart and Speed Machines versions like the gold they have become.
But that doesn’t change the fact that the casting was pretty badly executed. Hot Wheels needed a Bugatti do-over, and it is here. The photos for a HW Veyron-Chiron comparison post are done, but for now, let’s give the Chiron a full showcase.
It surely deserves it, because it is fantastic.
cars  hot_wheels  bugatti  collecting 
9 days ago by rgl7194
More Hot Wheels N Case surprises. Wheel Collectors got the Walmart N Zamac Case as well. – theLamleyGroup
Call this a fun mixup. As Wheel Collectors was plowing through the pallet of N Cases Mattel sent, one at the bottom looked a little different. The code suggested a US Case, and even more so, a Zamac Case.
For a pallet that already produced the highly-anticipated Bugatti Chiron, as well as a surprising group of Supers from the previous M Case, an unexpected Zamac case was right in line.
So they opened it. And filmed it.
I put a condensed “Rapid Unboxing” video on my channel, and the full video with Matt’s energetic commentary is there too. Enjoy.
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  zamac  mclaren  video 
12 days ago by rgl7194
Arthur Jafa: Not All Good, Not All Bad on Vimeo
"We went to Los Angeles and visited the winner of the prestigious Venice Biennale's 2019 Golden Lion, American artist and filmmaker Arthur Jafa. In this extensive interview, he talks about black identity in connection with his critically acclaimed video ‘Love is the Message, The Message is Death’, which became a worldwide sensation.

“I’m trying to have enough distance from the thing, that I can actually see it clearly. But at the same time, be able to flip the switch and be inside of it.” Jafa describes how he has rewired himself to push towards things that disturb him. He grew up in the Mississippi Delta, one of the poorest regions in America, and admires the fearless and relentless pictures from that region by Danish photographer Jacob Holdt in ‘American Pictures’ (1977): “They exist outside of the formal parameters of art photography. I think they exist outside of journalism. They’re something else.”

Since childhood, Jafa has collected images in books, as if he was window-shopping, “compiling things that you don’t have access to.” The act of compiling and putting things together helps him figure out “what it is you’re actually attracted to.” When he “strung together” ‘Love is the Message, The Message is Death’, it was engendered by the explosion of citizen cellphone-documentation – the point in time where people discovered the power of being able to document. Jafa comments that his “preoccupation with blackness is fundamental philosophical” rather than political, and considers ‘whiteness’ a “pathological construction that’s come about as a result of a lot of complicated things.” In continuation of this, Jafa is against “highs and lows,” and some of the power of the work, he finds, is that it doesn’t make those distinctions. Instead of doing hierarchies, it accepts that opposites don’t have to negate each other, and tries to understand the diversity, differentiation and complexity in the world: “It’s not all good, it’s not all bad.”

Arthur Jafa (b. 1960) is an American Mississippi-born visual artist, film director, and cinematographer. His acclaimed video ‘Love Is the Message, The Message Is Death’ (2016), shows a montage of historical and contemporary film footage to trace Black American experiences throughout history. Jafa has exhibited widely including at the Hirshhorn in Los Angeles, Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Tate Liverpool in Liverpool and Serpentine Galleries in London. His work as a cinematographer with directors such as Spike Lee and Stanley Kubrick has been notable, and his work on ‘Daughters of the Dust’ (1991) won the ‘Best Cinematography’ Award at Sundance. In 2019, Jafa was awarded the Golden Lion for best artist at the Venice Biennale for his film ‘The White Album’. Jafa has also worked as a director of photography on several music videos, including for Solange Knowles and Jay-Z. Jafa co-founded TNEG with Malik Sayeed, a “motion picture studio whose goal is to create a black cinema as culturally, socially and economically central to the 21st century as was black music to the 20th century.” He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Arthur Jafa was interviewed by Marc-Christoph Wagner at his studio in Los Angeles in November 2018. In the video, extracts are shown from ‘Love Is the Message, The Message Is Death’ (2016) by Arthur Jafa. The seven-minute video is set to Kanye West’s Ultralight Beam.

Camera: Rasmus Quistgaard
Produced by: Marc-Christoph Wagner
Edited by: Roxanne Bagheshirin Lærkesen
Copyright: Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2019

Supported by Nordea fonden"
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12 days ago by robertogreco
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Nissan Skyline Silhouette (2019 Car Culture - Silhouettes)
Metal on metal, check. Real Riders, check. Cool graphics, of course. What is there not to enjoy about this casting. These Car Culture cars have been on a roll!
cars  hot_wheels  nissan  GT-R  collecting 
19 days ago by rgl7194
What is the future of Hot Wheels collecting when there is a good chance the blisters won’t last? – theLamleyGroup
I think everyone is pretty aware that the bulk of my Hot Wheels/Matchbox collection is loose. I’ve always preferred the models out of package, obviously to photograph, but also to display. As nice as some of the card art is, displaying all the cards together can look like a big jumbled mess. Aesthetically, loose is better. For play, there isn’t even an argument.
But there are many other reasons too. One, simply, is anxiety. Basing a collection on condition of the packaging can be a stressful proposition. The card has to remain crisp and crease free, and safe from elements that can cause it to age. Thankfully we have a lot of tools to keep them safe, like protectors.
But what about the blisters? It is pretty obvious that the blisters Mattel uses have changed over the last few years, my guess to make them more environmentally safe. That is a very good development, and to me necessary thing to do. Ultimately the main purpose of a basic Hot Wheels car is to be ripped from the blister and played with, so as long as that blister stays intact from factory to store to the register, all is essentially good.
But we know there is much more to that. Collectors want those blisters to last. But it is becoming more and more clear that the new blisters won’t. Or at least we don’t know if they will. Weather, age, and excessive movement makes them prone to cracking and separating from the cardboard. Sometimes before we even buy them. Take, for example, the photos below taken by my friend @ut_ace at Walmart.
cars  hot_wheels  collecting 
22 days ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: SRT Viper GTS-R (2019 Target Red Edition)
Time for some red, but not just any red, Target red! It's an exclusive car only found at Target, get them if you can!
cars  hot_wheels  viper  collecting 
29 days ago by rgl7194
Check out the upcoming Hot Wheels RLC ‘55 Chevy Gasser shared by Holley Performance – theLamleyGroup
Just when you thought you had had enough of the Gasser, this drops...
Try to ignore it. Just try. You might say you sick of it, but you know you’ll be watching that waiting window with bated breath the day it goes on sale.
That is truly something.
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  50s  chevy  instagram 
4 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1978 Porsche 935-78 (2019 Car Culture - PPG)
Metal on metal, check. Real Riders, check. Cool graphics, of course. What is there not to enjoy about this casting. These Car Culture cars have been on a roll!
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  porsche  70s 
6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1976 Greenwood Corvette (2019 Car Culture - Silhouettes | Mancuso)
Metal on metal, check. Real Riders, check. Cool graphics, of course. What is there not to enjoy about this casting. These Car Culture cars have been on a roll!
cars  hot_wheels  collecting  70s  corvette 
6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Nissan Skyline HT 2000GT-X & Sakura Sprinter (2019 Car Culture Team Transport - JDM-L)
A car + truck hauler combo for adult collectors? Heck yeah! It's way too hard to pass up these castings. Featuring metal bodies and metal bases with Real Riders and superb details, it's hard not to want these. They are a bit pricey though, but so worth it if you ask me!
cars  nissan  hot_wheels  collecting 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Lamborghini Huracán Coupè (2019 Entertainment - Dr. Strange | Marvel)
Awesome car from an awesome set! Metal/metal + Real Riders + excellent details as always with these Entertainment cars!
cars  hot_wheels  superheroes  avengers  lamborghini  collecting 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Nissan Skyline GT-R (BCNR33) (2019 Original Fast - Fast & Furious Premium)
You can't go wrong with premium Fast & Furious cars! They're all metal/metal with Real Riders with good details. Pretty sweet!
cars  hot_wheels  f&f  collecting  GT-R 
7 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 (2019 Original Fast - Fast & Furious Premium)
You can't go wrong with premium Fast & Furious cars! They're all metal/metal with Real Riders with good details. Pretty sweet!
cars  hot_wheels  f&f  collecting  vw 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194
Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: 1995 Mazda RX-7 (2019 Original Fast - Fast & Furious Premium)
You can't go wrong with premium Fast & Furious cars! They're all metal/metal with Real Riders with good details. Pretty sweet!
cars  hot_wheels  f&f  collecting  mazda_rx  90s 
8 weeks ago by rgl7194

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