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Deep Learning Meets Recommendation Systems | NYC Data Science Academy Blog
Contributed by Wann-Jiun Ma. He is currently attending the NYC Data Science Academy Online Data Science Bootcamp program. This post is based on his final
collaborative  filter  recommendation  blog  blog-post  deep-learning  keras 
12 days ago by nharbour
Teen : Top 10 countries & economies

1. Singapore
2. Japan
3. Hong Kong (China)
4. K…
collaborative  problemsolving  from twitter_favs
19 days ago by dainiusblynas
You Can Help Make the World's Very First Tokenized Song
In partnership with TrustToken and the Stem payment platform, Taryn wants to write the first tokenized song that's powered by an Ethereum smart contract.
blockchain  art  music  crowdsourcing  collaborative  composition 
27 days ago by gilberto5757
Meredith Ringel Morris - Social and Collaborative Search Research
My research on collaborative search is aimed at facilitating small-group collaboration on search tasks. Collaborative search (also called "collaborative information seeking") is one example of social search, wherein users employ social resources to further an information need.
search  collaborative  research  microsoft 
28 days ago by jar17
COMPOSITION: conversations about content & form
artefacts reimagining, remixing or responding to a piece of printed scholarship in digital, multimodal form
jameslamb  multimodality  collaborative  artefacts  remix  deresearch 
28 days ago by jar17
Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time.
opensource  online  editor  collaborative  editing 
28 days ago by jar17

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