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Slack is the opposite of organizational memory
Slack: makes the day interrupt-driven, increases the bad kind of productivity, and (unfortunately) replaces documentation.
productivity  collaboration  slack 
yesterday by danielbachhuber
The Coral Project
"... a collaboration between Mozilla, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. We bring journalists and the communities they serve closer together" via three open-source products:
- Ask - a form/gallery builder to collect, manage, and display user-generated contributions.
- Talk - a discussion space that is highly customizable, and designed for safety.
- Guides - methods to improve your online communities, whatever tools you use.
journalism  Internet  web  reference  community  collaboration  citizen  guide  opensource  tools 
2 days ago by kmo
The Panthers and the Patriots
RT @jacobinmag: The story of how a group of poor whites in Chicago united with the Black Panthers to fight racism and capitalism.
politics  racism  collaboration  socialism  marx 
2 days ago by jstenner

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