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1 hour ago by gugelproductions
Slack woos developers with new ways of connecting to apps
"Opening its developer conference today, Slack doubles down on connecting to applications with a new API that brings more functions into the messaging layer."
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13 hours ago by jonerp
by original builders of Solidworks, State-of-the-Art Parametric 3D Modeling for collaborative CAD modeling
open  CAD  freeware  sharing  modeling  collaboration  cloud 
17 hours ago by derishus
First comes the school shooting. Then they update their data. | Poynter
The Post’s database took nearly a year of data collection and analysis and hundreds of hours to build before it was published last month, said Lynda Robinson, who has edited the outlet’s award-winning project on children of violence. It's been updated four times in about as many weeks.

“When one of us spots a school shooting, we update the database as soon as possible,” Robinson said. “Steven [Rich] updates the spreadsheet that powers the database with the relevant numbers, including the school’s enrollment, while John [Woodrow Cox] writes a one-sentence summary of the shooting.”
sdss  spreadsheets  database  collaboration 
19 hours ago by danwin
About Drawn Together | Drawn Together:
In 2008, while studying as practice-based PhD students at the University of the Arts London, MaryClare Foá, Jane Grisewood, Birgitta Hosea and Carali McCall began collaborating under the name Drawn Together on projects to address the relationship to body and presence, time and space through performance drawing.

Tracing a dialogue with the line in their individual practice, they collectively materialise performances incorporating mark-making, animation, sound and video. The artists’ diverse practices intersect through the shared concerns with how performative drawing can in different ways reveal temporal and spatial understanding of place and space. Their personal approaches allow numerous narratives to be played out in a single location.

Maryclare Foá’s work is concerned with drawing in response to the outside environment. She draws to communicate with place and to examine the relationship and affects between place and practitioner. Making work in public spaces conditions the action into a performance for the passer-by. Through interacting with outside spaces by leaving temporary trace marks on, in, and around an outside place, she has come to understand that sound is also a method of drawing. She uses her voice to sound through place, echoing, resonating, and responding to a particular location. She is currently working towards developing a contemporary songline methodology, “driftsinging” through place, while also exploring score and sound drawing processes.

Jane Grisewood explores themes of time and transience, place and memory through works on paper, photography, performance and writing. She shifts between media and uses repetitive processes to form a link between the act of making, retracing memory and recording movement. Drawing is the key activity in her work, and the ‘line’ is a consistent subject throughout her practice. The line is a journey, a between space, always in movement. Recent work focuses on live performance drawing, where she experiments with the line as a fluid and multi-layered process of recording rather than as a linear progression, providing a way of marking a temporal presence, while also tracing its passing.
maryclarefoa  drawing  collaboration  place  singing  songlines  driftsinging  lines  trace  memory  movement  performance  soundart  methodology 
yesterday by oddhack
What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team - The New York Times
Research suggests that psychological safety is the biggest single factor in determining high performing teams.
HR  collaboration  work  management 
yesterday by danny.hope
Interesting, fresh approach to email collaboration
Interesting, fresh approach to email. Unlikely to make in roads into large enterprises but ideal for small, agile innovative thinking companies.
email  app  collaboration 
yesterday by lbenjamin

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