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5 digital enterprise trends in the future of coaching networks (2/2) - by @philww
"Frictionless enterprise, digital collaboration, conversational/headless, APIs, AI - 5 digital enterprise trends converge in the future of coaching networks."
cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  and  architecture  collaboration  sharing  digital  productivity  frictionless  enterprise  future  of  work  machine  intelligence  ai  user  experience 
4 hours ago by jonerp
Paste - collaborative presentations
"Fast, collaborative presentations for creative teams. Share your work in realtime and collaborate with reactions, comments, and Slack integration. Embed files, links, and docs for strategy decks, design handoffs, brainstorms, research gathering. Integrates with Giphy, Figma, Dropbox, Google Docs, and more."
collaboration  design  presentation  creativity  slack  app  brainstorming 
13 hours ago by garrettc
P2 | Blogging at the speed of thought
P2 is a theme for WordPress that transforms a mild-mannered blog into a super-blog with features like inline comments, a posting form right on the homepage, inline editing of posts and comments, real-time updates, and much more.
blog  collaboration  theme  wordpress 
15 hours ago by mandarine
Project Jupyter | Home
Project Jupyter is a non-profit, open-source project, born out of the IPython Project in 2014 as it evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing across all programming languages. Jupyter will always be 100% open-source software, free for all to use and released under the liberal terms of the modified BSD license.

Jupyter is developed in the open on GitHub, through the consensus of the Jupyter community. For more information on our governance approach, please see our Governance Document.

All online and in-person interactions and communications directly related to the project are covered by the Jupyter Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct sets expectations to enable a diverse community of users and contributors to participate in the project with respect and safety.
python  collaboration  notebook  code 
22 hours ago by baldguyken
Shared Text Styles
Shared Text Styles - Free plugin to easily import and export your Text Styles in Sketch.
sketch  plugin  text  styl  fonts  collaboration 
yesterday by volpelino
"Open source, private cloud Slack-alternative. Workplace messaging for web, PCs and phones."
work  chat  tools  collaboration  web  Internet  opensource 
2 days ago by kmo
"Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file share and communication platform... It is functionally similar to Dropbox, although Nextcloud is free and open-source."
web  collaboration  tools  Internet  opensource 
2 days ago by kmo

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