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Uses Oauth to retrieve email from Gmail but that should be portable enough pull from other sources (seems like there's a stub for Slack? and vestiages of bulk offline email analysis such as large email dumps)
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11 hours ago by asteroza
The Community Canvas
This looks like a brilliant guide to building or improving a community of people
canvas  building  collaboration  community  guide  tips  howto  audit  people  change  social 
16 hours ago by rwintle
Get Started with Wickr | The Leader in Secure Communication
"Wickr Pro Is Your Secure Team Collaboration Space Fully encrypted. Enterprise-ready. Private. Set up in minutes and invite your team to join your private Wickr Network. Control and protect your most critical communications. Wickr’s end-to-end encrypted platform offers features like: Voice & Video Calls, File transfer, SSO and MDM integration, Bots, full administrative controls and a whole lot more."
encryption  team  collaboration  privacy  security  diigo 
20 hours ago by doglord
ScreenLeap - Screen-sharing
Viewers don't have to create an account. Seems software download is required. Chrome also?
video  collaboration  service 
22 hours ago by jmayer
Dot Voting — A Simple Decision-Making and Prioritizing Technique in UX
Sarah Gibbons из Nielsen/Norman Group описывает метод выбора идей из множества с помощью голосования точками.
UX  collaboration  methods  issue 
2 days ago by jvetrau

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